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The Virtual Forest shortlisted among 20 finalists at Auggie Awards 2018

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We are proud that the Virtual Forest, a unique collaborative project between multiple partners in Nordic ecosystem, has been selected as one of the 20 finalists of the Auggie Awards. The expert jury panel is now going through the finalists and the winners will be announced on October 19, at the closing ceremony of Augmented World Expo in Munich. 

For the first time in its 10 year-long history Auggie Awards offers three new categories: Most Innovative Breakthrough, Most Impactful Breakthrough and Women XR Laureate. The new categories are meant to honor excellence in collaborative projects which facilitate mass adaption of the XR technology and help gaining deeper understanding of topics relevant to many industries. Learn more about the awards and the nominated projects.

About Tieto XR Lab

Tieto Enhanced Reality Lab is here to help you explore the opportunities in the new tech space. Our team of experts provides methodology to identify the needs of customers and business innovating technology solutions to support your organisation in reaching strategic goals. The Lab is your access to the growing ecosystem of partners, offering quick Proof-of-Concept projects to prototype and validate ideas quickly. 

Apart from experimenting and sharing our knowledge, our core capability is to deliver fully integrated solutions that both raise the efficiency of business operations and uncover the next level of customer experience.

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Our offerings

Identify strategical needs for VR/AR

Build technical solutions in VR/AR

VR/AR Showroom capabilities

Step into the Virtual Forest

Step into the first virtual forest service ever created, which allows landowners to handle their forest assets regardless of time or space. Created in co-operation with Metsä, CTRL Reality, Simosol and University of Helsinki the service corresponds to our vision that in the future the digital forest management tool will optimize how landowners and forest companies care for our national assets
– the forests.  

Read more in this blog post.

Virtual experience of the most secure data centre in the world

Tieto Enhanced Reality team has been working with Green Mountain to design the first virtual experience which will enable the customers to visit the data centre without having to travel there. The tour features overview of the key benefits of Green Mountain, and Norway as the country to host their data centres. It provides the unique opportunity not only to visit all the strategic locations inside the data centre and learn about its setup and operations, but also to experience the potential expansion capabilities. The scenes were captured in full 3D by using various imaging methods, ranging from photogrammetry to 360 images. The unique combination of captured data with 3D models and digital augmentations allows to provide highly realistic immersive presence experience. The tour is developed by a Helsinki-based company Teatime Research, which is specialising on advanced virtual reality solutions. Read more in the press release.

Tieto XR LAB

Explore some of our demos

Tieto VR Retail Vision

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The demo illustrates, how shopping can be done in Virtual Reality. The demo viewer can interact with products by taking them, observing them closely, checking product information and placing them into the shopping cart. The demo allows testing the shopping functionality and think about its possibilities.

AR layer for a simulation

Tieto AR image

We have implemented an AR layer for the simulation, which is part of "Holistic Manufacturing Intelligence" solution. The solution has been developed by Tieto for Mondi Syktyvkar and aims at boosting innovative and efficient process management. It virtualizes, i. e. digitally depicts, the entire value chain. Read more...

Mobile VR - HSB Living Lab

Mobile VR image

Just weeks before the first group of students, researchers and families were due to unpack their boxes and move into the HSB Living Lab experimental homes in Gothenburg, Tieto enabled Stockholmers to experience the future living solutions using virtual reality.

Tieto launched a virtual reality solution that provides an x-ray view of the HSB Living Lab using 3D renderings from architects. Visitors to the exhibition are, therefore, able to experience the facility without having to be on site in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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