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Our mission at Tieto DevOps is to continuously improve the existing with  speed and transparency to conveniently deliver the future

Tieto DevOps helps you to deliver the existing with speed and transparency to deliver the future

Organizations are under intense pressure to transform, deliver new services and adapt existing ones with speed and agility. This change needs a detailed assessment, changing people behavior, and the way IT projects are planned and deployed. Agile movement and new methodologies have to coexist with the Traditional methodologies and reshape the way development teams work. The goal of DevOps is to streamline this change along the whole lifecycle, from design, build and test, down to release, deploy and operate with business strategy at its core.

This transformation is not easy. There’s disconnect between teams, a clash between cultures and complexity of existing business and infrastructure.

With Tieto DevOps, our cross functional experts are well trained on both methodologies and pride themselves on industry expertise. We partner with our clients to understand the business strategy and develop solutions in a consultative approach. Our long term relationships and industry expertise helps us innovate and disrupt business models further.

Tieto is your trusted partner for DevOps

  • Strategic review: In this review, we understand your business needs and strategic objectives. Our experts also conduct a thorough industry research to prepare and plan for the assessment.
  • As-is assessment: This is a critical step in our DevOps approach and we have already seen amazing results. Our customers are able to identify the blind spots and gaps, while we are able to understand the business better and also advise the best approach for your business needs.
  • Goal Setting: Together, we will define the common business case, costs, risks and measures that are tailor made for your business.
  • Design: We guide you on the DevOps approach and all the critical ingredients that can help you achieve your business goals. This also includes people, process, tools and technology deployment plans.
  • Implementation: We advise you on the architecture design, DevOps processes and tools, set up continuous delivery automation processes and constantly monitor and optimize.
  • Growth: We monitor and assess the maturity levels by identifying the right metrics and performance indicators. We also recommend changes to improve alignment and accelerate the flow of information between development and operations teams.

As leaders in the IT space and with almost 50 years expertise, we bring in a wealth of experience and insights that can help your organization transform and bring in the needed cultural change. Contact our experts and get insights for your business or DevOps challenge now.


Starting a DevOps journey with Tieto is easy. We believe in an agile and incremental approach rather that a big-bang approach. We have built our offering so that we can provide the support needed regardless of the maturity of your current DevOps practices. So, if you are starting off on your DevOps journey or looking to scale up your existing DevOps team, our partners will have a tailor made solution to match your business needs.

Four tips for successful DevOps implementation

Speed up DevOps implemantation

The DevOps way of working has already proven to be highly effective, yet many companies are still in the beginning stages of their implementations. Tapani Tirkkonen shares useful tips on how to avoid the bumps and hurdles along the way.

Bring higher-quality offerings faster to market with DevOps

Mika Tuohimetsä

DevOps is the best way to answer the challenges many organizations are facing today and to create more value for customers. Read our blog how the adoption of DevOps allows organisations to gain clear, demonstrable business benefits.

DevOps services and solutions

We speed up your application development cycles from idea to the production and leverage the existing applications development.

We offer:

  • Consultancy to enhance existing SW development approach with DevOps practices by creating an incremental transformation approach
  • DevOps teams with certified agile SW developers, testers, Ops and automation experts to help in adopting and implementing DevOps way of working
  • DevOps service onboarding for supporting the planning process, the tooling solution, migration, and implementation process
    • DevOps assessments and service concepting
    • Continuous practices by integration of tools and development of value chains
    • Education, training and user support
  • Toolchain services like Tieto DevOps Space including market-leading open-source and commercial technologies like  Atlassian tool-suite
  • Private and public IaaS, PaaS and SaaS
  • Pay-as-you-go subscription model for scalability
    Tieto’s DevOps Space covers end-to-end toolchain

    Tieto DevOps Space

    Tieto’s DevOps Space covers end-to-end toolchain giving you the opportunity to choose among world-class tools and components to support your development value chain. Whether you prefer Open Source tools, or a more commercially available solution such as Microsoft stack, we are happy to support you.

    Our infrastructure is also automated and agile. We are the largest private cloud provider in Nordics and with our DevOps offering we also bring in the capability to utilise popular public cloud services – all through delightful and fast self-service portal.

    Read more about Tieto DevOps Space >>>


    What does DevOps culture mean in practice?

    Is it possible for a traditional company to transform into a DevOps-minded, culture-led company?

    What does DevOps culture mean in practice? How can companies “develop culture”?

    It’s about the culture! But how is culture formed?

    Tieto’s approach in building a great culture is through communities.

    Culture defines not only the values, but also the norms of any group, especially for DevOps. So, to change the culture, at its core it means that we need to change both our values as well as our norms (that is, our behaviour) which follow those values. We, at Tieto believe that this is accomplished through a people-centric community.

    Implementing DevOps can be tricky in organizations that have conventional systems and processes. Some skeptics may even say that “DevOps looks easy on paper but difficult to put in place”. Any innovative change is difficult to implement at first. It takes discipline, drive, and perseverance to run the operations watertight to achieve the goals.


    Tieto is partnering with Swish

    Tieto and Bontouch become new strategic partners for developing and managing Swish

    Getswish, the company behind real-time payment solution Swish, is partnering with Tieto and Bontouch to take the next step in the development of mobile payments. The aim is to make the payment experience even easier and to develop new functions to benefit the companies, organisations and about six million Swedish consumers who use Swish. The new deal runs over three years with an option for an additional two years. Read more >>>

    Tieto implements a new payment system for Keva and Varma

    New payment system for pension providers Keva and Varma

    Tieto is implementing a new pension payment system for two large Finnish pension providers, Keva and Varma. The deal is a three-year renewal project that creates a platform for automated and modern payments. Read more>>

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