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Tieto Telecom Application Cloud

Telecom Applications Software as a Service

A new telecom service delivery paradigm

Tieto can help you to consolidate your legacy Intelligent Network (IN) services in IN platform End of Life situations, as well as bring a new generation of revenue-generating products based on IP and Web 2.0 quicker to the market.

The demands placed on Communication Service Providers (CSP) are now higher than ever. Competition is increasing and there is a need to cut costs for existing products and offer new services to compensate for decreasing revenues, especially in fixed voice. Shorter time to market, lower threshold product costs and the possibility to pay as the product grows is a necessity for new products. At the same time, the existing, revenue-generating products have to be taken care of and migrated to new platforms when legacy IN platform face End of Life (EoL).

Buying products Software as a Service (SaaS) in Tieto Telecom Application Cloud (TTAC) is one enabler to help CSPs come out as winners. Let us tell you how.

Secure existing revenue streams

Tieto Telecom Application Cloud is a way for Communication Service Providers (CSP) to buy the products they offer to their end customers as SaaS from Tieto, instead of operating a platform and producing them in-house decrease cost and time to market.

The main product areas that can be offered as SaaS in the TTAC are:

1. Transformation of Intelligent Network Services, voice and messaging, in EoL situations

  • Transformation of still revenue generating IN services to a new platform in End-of-life situations. The services are made up of ready-made components, on a platform that is already up and running, which enables fast and seamless transformation. When needed, customization of services is also possible.
  • Smooth evolution from IN to IMS using our orchestration engine, where services from different technologies can be mixed and brokered between with protocol conversion and service chaining across network domains.

2. Transformation into IMS

  • Existing IN applications IMS enabled
  • New IMS applications
  • MMTel standard components that can be used to design applications with drag and drop, shortening development time.

3. API exposure

  • Gain new business through industry partners exposing your APIs for use in industry application development
  • Interconnect IN or IMS services with Web 2.0 services or WebRTC sessions

Telecom Application Cloud is a tailored telecom services provided SaaS solution

  1. Tieto software components making up the applications on top of Oracle’s application server
  2. Oracle Communication market-leading products, including OCCAS, OCECAS, OCCAS-SC, OCSG
  3. Tieto Cloud Server, an IaaS cloud service comprising of over 8000 servers for customers in several industries such as energy, banking, and insurance.

Key Features TTAC

To shorten Time to Market, the interfaces to CSP are based on the philosophy that they will be adapted to existing interfaces in legacy IT systems for CRM and Billing. Network connectivity with CSP network must also be established for signaling. Charging is based on online furnishing or diameter, or offline CDR reports.

The TTAC Analytics interface provides you with easy overview dashboards in combination with flexible and powerful Business Intelligence analysis.

Our solution result in reduced time to market and costs and increased flexibility

TTAC is also suited to cases where regulatory, legal or latency issues requires a local installation since it includes the possibility to include customer placed servers in TTAC (centrally managed by Tieto). On-site installations can be provided in most parts of the world.

Key Benefits

Tieto Telco Application Cloud- Secure your existing revenues and speed up getting your new products to the market whilst saving costs.

Strong and robust capabilities

Our long history with Operators, Telecom Network Equipment Providers, Device Manufacturers and Media Companies allows us to have a unique position in the Telecom domain.


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Tieto Telecom Application Cloud
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