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Digital renewal of the Church of Sweden's Document Management provide value for both the church's members and employees.
Church of Sweden Case

Tieto helping Church of Sweden to digitalize its document and case management

Tieto has signed a five-year agreement with the Church of Sweden to digitalize the organisation’s document and case management. The new solution will enable employees to work in a more mobile, structured and efficient manner.

This solution was made possible with Tieto's Public 360°, download the free brochure to read how!

- Our organisation is very spread out geographically and up to one third of our parishes still use pen and paper to register their mail today. Now we can change that, says Magnus Edin, project manager at Church of Sweden.

The Church of Sweden has 6.5 million members and 35,000 elected officials. Tieto’s solution, Public 360, will create a gradual transition toward digital management of everything from registering incoming cases to handling documents. The system offers easy access and can be used through mobile devices, such as phones and tablets. It will streamline the work processes for staff, reduce administration times and free up the organisation’s resources for other tasks.

Church of Sweden Case

One third of our parishes still use pen and paper

Magnus Edin, project manager at Church of Sweden.

- It means a lot for us. We will be able to handle documents and agreements centrally and electronically, along with the summons, minutes and meeting documents that get sent out to our elected officials through our common system, says Magnus Edin.

The solution will initially be rolled out to 15 units with about 700 users within the organisation. The implementation will begin during the fourth quarter of 2016 and is set to be completed by summer 2017. It will be up to each parish to decide whether to connect to the system and the working methods that entails. The solution will be delivered inclusive of services, maintenance and support. 

Church of Sweden case

It means a lot for us.

Magnus Edin, project manager at Church of Sweden.

- We are extremely pleased that the Church of Sweden has given us this vote of confidence. It is an important strategic collaboration that strengthens our position on the Nordic market when it comes to digitalising the most important work processes and modernising operations for organisations, says Mats Brandt, Vice President of Public Sector, Tieto Sweden. 

The solution that will be delivered is based on Tieto’s Public 360°, which is a standardised system for managing cases, documents and archives.

About the Curch of Sweden

The Church of Sweden is an Evangelical Lutheran church with 6.5 million members across the country in nearly 1,400 parishes. There are 3,500 churches in Sweden, and 13 dioceses. The Church of Sweden has about 35,000 elected officials and 22,000 employees. For more information: www.svenskakyrkan.se.

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