How are we shaping a smarter society?

Our way of thinking

Using Tieto’s expertise in digitalization, we develop innovative solutions with one goal in mind - to shape a smarter society that anticipates the needs of its people, in every phase of their lives. This means tirelessly taking into account new trends, technologies, resources, people and industries.

On this site we address some of the phenomena that play key roles in this task – and hopefully give you new insight on what the future of a smarter society could be.

Trust & Transparency

Trust is no longer a simple concept of blind authority. While shaping a smarter society, trust has changed from institutional to distributed ”wisdom of the crowds”. Transparency is demanded, but to what extent is it useful? Trust is earned, but on what terms?

Digitalization and new technologies are drastically molding our views on these concepts. And for companies now is the moment to get on board.

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Can AI be trusted?

AI will become a powerful decision-maker, thanks to its ability to take more variables into account than the human mind. But what does it mean for trust? How do we really feel about companies that utilize AI and where do we draw the line?

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When machines go to work

In the future, technology may take over various work fields, freeing people from arduous and even hazardous jobs. But what will that do to the trust between companies and people? On what level would we be able to trust machines?

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Chains of transparency

In the smarter society transparency won’t be an option but a demand. In transactions and production, blockchain is making this a reality. This would assumingly build trust, but do people want to know everything if it questions their morals on the choices they make – and are companies ready to show it all?

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From value to purpose

Trust has changed from an institutional to a distributed social concept. People seek meaning and word spreads faster than ever. Instead of material values, we now expect companies to strive for a higher purpose. So if a company won’t meet the demands of the masses, what happens to trust? Is pleasing the crowds the only way to create true loyalty?

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Download the free report Wisdom of Crowds and see what role trust and transparency will play for your organization and in shaping a smarter society:

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Tieto at IJCAI-ECAI 2018

Welcome to meet Tieto at IJCAI-ECAI 2018, the premier international gathering of researchers in Artificial Intelligence, that takes place in Stockholm July 16-19. Tieto is platinum sponsor. You find us in Hall B 03:18.

Tieto recently conducted a survey where almost three out of four (71%) people in the Nordics believe that new technology, driven by AI, will help make their everyday life easier.  At IJCAI we will demonstrate a couple of real life examples and Christian Guttmann, our AI expert, will present one very interesting health care case on stage at the industry days, the 18th of June and reveal how Tieto addresses the societal and industrial challenges in an entrepreneurial way. Don’t miss that!

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We are looking for the most engaged Senior AI/Data Scientist eager to continue to shape a smarter society together with us, our customers and partners in the Nordics. Is that You? Then we are for sure eager to meet you. If it's not; Give that someone a hint!

Read more about the open position here

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How we're being recognized for our work

Tieto has been recognized as a 2018 Top 100 Global Technology Leader by Thomson Reuters. Of the 100 companies on the list, Tieto is one of the only three in the Nordics 



As the first IT company in the world, Tieto Sweden has received gender equality certification from the Swiss Foundation EDGE. Certification is an internationally recognized standard based on a comprehensive review of a company's results in five categories: