How do we shape a smarter society?

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Using Tieto’s expertise in digitalization, we develop innovative solutions with one goal in mind - to shape a smarter society that anticipates the needs of its people. In every phase of their lives. This motivates us to better utilize resources and to simplify time-consuming services that affect us daily. And ultimately play our role in creating intelligent ways for industries to benefit all parts of society.  

Below some of our experts share their views and insights on what a smarter society is all about and how to get there. 

To give you some ideas on what can be done, already today, you can also find some of our recent projects where we have collaborated with our clients in order to shape a smarter society.

Can artificial intelligence help create an equal society?


"We believe that artificial intelligence (AI) can not only help make our lives easier, but also help shape an equal society. AI being an artificial construct can help us, as a society, avoid many of the biases that exist among humans."

Cristina Petrescu, Executive Vice President, Public, Healthcare & Welfare at Tieto, shares her insights on how AI can contribute to a society without inequalities. 

How will the role of citizens change in a smarter society?

"Billions of gigabytes of data are generated every day, ranging from different sources such as your social media activity to information gathered by sensors, and citizens using government services."

Anne Räsänen, Head of Public, healthcare and welfare at Tieto Finland, reflects upon the incredible opportunities the amount of data generated today gives us.  

What can future consumers expect from a smarter society?


"We are entering a new age of digitalization where almost every aspect of our lives is set to be aided and enhanced by Artificial Intelligence (AI)."

Read the blog by Sami Uski, Advisor, Customer Experience in Financial Services, Tieto.

Shaping healthcare and welfare for a smarter society

"In the years ahead, population health management will be a key area which we see substantial improvement."

Johan Höglund, Head of Healthcare, Welfare and Education in Tieto, share his perception on how the utilization of Artifical Intelligence (AI) and new processes will make the healthcare and welfare sectors more efficient.

What will healthcare look like in a smarter society?

"Everyone already knows that in the future, technology will make life easier, help us work better and complete our chores quicker."

Matti Ristimaki, Director of Data-Driven Businesses in Health, Wellbeing and Public at Tieto, shares his insights on how the future of healthcare will look like. 

Are we ready for Artificial Intelligence? 

"Over the next 20 years, AI technology will have the most dominant impact in all areas of life"

Christian Guttmann, Head of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, shares his insights about the future of the smarter society and the readiness for artificial intelligence.

How can we shape a smarter society by using artificial intelligence?

"AI has the capability to identify fake stories, helping people consume news in a responsible manner."

Fredrik Ring, Head of business and IT transformation in Tieto, reflects upon the power of AI.

A smarter society –
the artificial intelligence way

"While 2017 may very well have been the year that people came face-to-face with applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI), at Tieto, we say that you have seen nothing yet."

Taneli Tikka, Head of Innovation at Tieto, share his vision on how Artifical Intelligence can be utilized to boost growth in the smarter society.

Is collaboration a must in a smarter society? 

Maria Kumle, Head of New Solutions, shares her insights on why collaboration is a vital factor when shaping the smarter society.

"it will be quite possible to build a kind of neural network where the data can be shared independently of what platforms the respective nodes are operating on."

What’s next for manufacturing in a smarter society? 

"Visualize a production line where each machine is able to run autonomously, learn continuously and apply logic to its functions"

Rory Moore, Head of Industrial Services, shares his insights revolving the revolution in the manufacturing sector. 

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