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Tieto SmartCare

Increased safety and involvement for individuals and business

Home care requires smart welfare technology

Even when we get sick or get older, we want to continue living at home where we feel safe, and it is becoming more common in healthcare and home care. For this to work in a smart and safe way, we need a highly developed welfare technology. With Tieto SmartCare – it is possible!

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"What if I could stay at home? Even though I got sick..."

  • Increased sense of safety and security

  • Increased independence and increased well-being

  • The opportunity of keeping living at home for a longer time

  • Healthcare professionals can follow your health, and know when, how and if you need help


"What if I would have more time for the patients?"

  • Improved efficiency through better resource allocation and clearer focus

  • Less administration and thereby reduced risk of failure

  • More time with patients with higher quality of care


"What if I could have better awereness of my father's everyday life?"

  • Increased participation - you can be part of all care efforts
  • Increased visibility - you can see what care and service has been performed



"Imagine if we could reduce costs while we get more effective care. And still having both patient and staff in focus…"

  • Cost savings through digital supervision

  • Fewer trips and thereby lower environmental impact

  • Introduction of digital processes, mobile solutions

  • Control over budgeting and estimates

How it works

Tieto offers a wide range of welfare technology solutions and provides customers with an open integration engine, Lifecare eSense, which makes it possible to integrate solutions from different suppliers.

The concept is based on:

  • Openness, flexibility, and interoperability. SmartCare is an open system that provides opportunities, rather than limitations. Open systems are the future.
  • Integration, efficiency, and quality. New systems can be integrated with existing systems. Services and programs work and support each other. They eliminate double and faulty registrations.
  • Partnership, innovation and freedom to choose. The open system enables collaboration and development with other companies and players. It provides the base and an ecosystem with different partners, which supports the freedom to choose and more room for innovation.



SmartCare_ecosystem for welfare technology


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