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Enabling production business of the future by building excellence in production where it matters most for the pulp, paper, board, tissue, and non–woven industries.

Digital disruption is an opportunity - not a threat!

Digitalization has changed the way businesses were run in all industries and business segments. In this digital age, companies are exposed to the constant pressure of reinventing themselves. Declining demand and commodity products have forced forest industry companies to compete with price and increased service level. At the same time changing behavior and expectations of the end customers forces organizations in the value chain to demand for lower buffers, shorter lead times, and more accurate deliveries with immediate response to order requests.

Tieto’s Production Excellence solutions and services provide you the competitive edge and save time and money. Production excellence focuses primarily on agile production control and optimized operational excellence. Tieto has a long history and knowledge of the Pulp & Paper Industry and recognizes the need for active participation in open ecosystems and co-innovation.


Trading Science Ltd and Tieto

Alan Cheesbrough image

“We are pleased to deepen our partnership with Tieto to provide a better and more comprehensive solution for the industry and also to innovate new services and solutions around supply chain and related optimisation. The collaboration starts in Enterprise Resource Planning, and goes through Sales and Operations Planning further to Manufacturing Execution Systems”, says Alan Cheesbrough, founder of the I-Plan concept.

Lecta and Tieto

Francesc Boix, IT Corporate Director at Lecta

"Tieto plays a key role in our processes and technology transformation journey, TIPS and Paper Solution help us to solve our challenges and make it easier to adopt Pulp and Paper Sector best practices, especially in our direct business and in our planning and manufacturing areas," says Francesc Boix, IT Corporate Director at Lecta.

Valmet and Tieto

Jari Almi, Head of Industrial Internet at Valmet

"This partnership with Tieto is an important step towards creating a strong Industrial Internet ecosystem and comprehensive services for our customers. Through this cooperation and the companies' complementary offerings, production process and business data can be integrated and optimized for the customers' benefit," says Jari Almi, Head of Industrial Internet at Valmet.

SAP and Tieto

SAP and Tieto

Tieto and SAP have been working together for 20 years. The SAP Gold VAR Partner status recently awarded to Tieto will enable the company to serve its small and medium-sized customers throughout the entire lifecycle of a provided SAP solution.

Customers' experiences



The customer, a global supplier of nonwovens wanted to achieve significant growth through product leadership. They needed a strategic partner who would be able to support them in building and maintaining their business applications and platform services.



Glatfelter Composite Fibers' Business Unit (CFBU), wanted to optimize their processes and tools and establish best practices supported by the improved use of the existing SAP solution. They needed a partner to establish best practice processes.


Are you ready to accelerate the digital transformation?


TIPS/4 is a complete framework based on SAP S/4 HANA designed as ready-to-run E2E processes, project accelerators, and industry-specific APPs. If you are looking for a reliable integrated solution that enables easy cross-departmental visibility, the simplicity of...

How to ensure business continuity in this era of digital?


TIPS handles the management of the whole order-to-cash value chain. It has an active future development road-map. Moreover, TIPS provides you with access to the full-service offering from Tieto, the global leader of Forest industry-specific IT offerings.


What is profitability based S&OP all about?

Tieto have recently announced Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) as one of our key new solution focus areas for the Pulp and Paper industry, and expanding our ecosystem by establishing Partnership with the leading vendor Trading Science. Find here the first pre-taught Q&A dialog between the S&OP guru Alan Cheesbrough, Trading Science, and Jarmo Ropponen, Tieto. 

Businesses typically make operational decisions for operational reasons. Production planning is often a repetitive process following a pattern month on month, someway connected with the market but not directly, and really the decisions that should be taken operationally ought to be based on the overall profitability of the business. Profitability based planning is all about making operational decisions with an understanding of the financial consequences.

Profitability based S&OP in action!

Sales and Operations Planning - in action!

In the recent interview of I-Plan founder Alan Cheesbrough emphasized the importance of organisations capability to react timely to demand deviations in reality compared to strategic and tactical planning. The importance of agile solution and fluent integration was set really important. Lets expand the concept a bit more practical direction from there. 

What would you do if your business-as-usual stopped?

What would you do if your business-as-usual stopped?

Business transformation is imperative. Twenty-year-old ideas and ways of running the business just don’t cut it in today’s fast-paced world, especially not in an industry such as paper and pulp where margins are decreasing and competition is tight. - How can we approach this transformation? We suggest a 5-step process to start your transformation journey!

Blog Author - Luis Vives, Professor, Associate Dean, The ESADE MBA

Can AI run a paper machine better than humans?

Antti Blomqvist, Tieto

An automatically optimised machine chain will run production more economically and avoid both under- and overproduction. In future, operators can work most of the time in the field supporting the production process and intervene only when decision-making is needed. The road to fully automated, self-learning production chains is long and somewhat winding, but the prize is worth it, says Antti Blomqvist. 

Importance of design thinking in paper and board industry

Carsten Henke Blog

Paper and board is a conservative industry with large upfront investment. Conservative strategies take a long time to formulate and it takes a long time for the investment to pay back. If you speed up the cycle with design thinking, it is like changing from.

Blog Author - Carsten Henke, Head of Production Excellence, Tieto

Company culture is what happens when the boss is not around

Why the forest industry must learn to love change?

The implications of digital transformation for manufacturing companies are likely to be profound. Technologies such as the IoT, Machine Learning or 3D printing will change the way industrial companies operate and create value for their customers.

Blog Author - Luis Vives, Professor, Associate Dean, The ESADE MBA

Do you know if your SAP maintenance manual is up to date?

Auli Peltola Tieto

Did you know that Tieto is currently the only service provider in the world with a Gold level certificate in SAP Application Lifecycle Management? In this blog, I will tell you what this entails and what benefits this brings to our customers.

Blog Author - Auli Peltola, Head of SAP ALM Services, Tieto

Snapshot & Highlights PE Days 2018


Customers reflections on the event

Customers reflections on the event

Highlights & Key summary

PED highlights & key figures

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