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Over 30 years of experience

ProArc is the result of 30 years of development with some of the most innovative companies in the world. The solution meets the toughest security requirements of engineering businesses all over the world. Each year ProArc organize millions of technical documents for hundreds of companies for all kinds of projects.

Save time and money with ProArc

Follow the life cycle of a document

life cycle

A document goes through several phases during its life cycle (LCI) and for it to meet the rules and regulations the business needs to have control of in all these phases.

ProArc handles the entire document life cycle from design to delivery. The solution ensures that all parties can share, collaborate and track all material from the pre-qualification of suppliers to the completion of a development project.

ProArc provides a clear overview of production, workflows, distribution, storage and revisions of drawings and administrative documentation. You thus reduce lead times, increase efficiency, gain control of which versions that are applicable and optimize delivery to customers and from subcontractors.

Collaborate across the globe


Secure exchange of documentation is important in all types of projects. This applies in particular to large and complex projects where the parties involved are in different locations around the world.

One of the most important factors for streamlining is good collaboration. By doing everything digitally, the business reduces post time and lead time and gets a more streamlined workflow between project participants.

ProArc supports collaboration between internal and external project participants and between various organizations involved in the project, such as partners, customers, subcontractors, and vendors. Integrated project spaces ensure that the document exchange is always smooth and under control, while at the same time ensuring central functionality such as access control and revision management. This reduces the volume of emails and use of FTP servers between the project members involved, increases the quality of the work and contributes to quicker project completion.

Each year ProArc organize millions of technical documents for hundreds of companies for all kinds of projects. 



Rich functionality


Our solution offers a broad selection of standard features that makes the business more efficient and makes it easier for employees and partners to work with, share and find documentation.

Some of the functionality offered in ProArc:

  • Analytics and reporting
  • Bid management
  • Comnmissioning and handover
  • Deliver management
  • Document planning and progress monitoring
  • Drawing management
  • Project collaboration
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Mobile applications


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jernbaneverket"Jernbaneverket, the Norwegian government’s agency for railway services, is to provide documentation services on all platforms and units that our users have. We have chosen to use ProArc Mobile for mobile platforms in addition to ProArc Web and ProArc Explorer"

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Businesses in the construction industry provide services and expertise that depend on collaboration between owners, architects, developers, and subcontractors to be able to complete their projects

ProArc is a tool that enables the business to manage document exchange in the collaboration between project members. Strict revision control means that the project participants always get the latest version of the document presented, and the archive is always in control of the building documentation.

ProArc can be integrated with the maintenance system, making it easy to retrieve the correct documentation when the project is complete and the facility is in operation. ProArc can be made accessible via a mobile application so that the engineers that depend on being mobile can easily access relevant documentation when they need it.

ProArc is being used to build Oslo Airport, the main expansion and terminal 2.

Oil and Gas

johan sverdrup

Companies in the oil and gas industry participate in large capital intensive projects that involve a large number of suppliers and people. It is therefore mission critical to keep control over production, distribution, storage, and editing of documentation.

After several years of booming business, the industry is now struggling with high costs and low oil prices. This places higher demands on the players and means that you have to think smarter and work more effectively with what you have. ProArc is a system for technical records management and provides a shared storage space for all types of technical documentation in a project.

A shared system for all documentation makes collaboration between various project participants much easier, and you have an overview of the project documentation’s status and progress at all times. The solution helps reduce your business’s lead times so you can reduce your costs and work more efficiently.

ProArc is being used to design and build the new Johan Sverdrup platform.

Transportation and Infrastructure


In large infrastructure projects it is critical to have good control and overview of documentation and information flow to complete a successful project. The documentation not only plays an important role in the actual project, but is also critical for operation and maintenance.

ProArc provides you with a shared storage space for all documentation associated with an infrastructure project. Strict revision control means that the project participants always see the latest version of the document.

When a project has been completed, ProArc can be integrated with the maintenance system, making it easy to retrieve documentation for operation and maintenance. Users can easily access relevant documentation through our mobile solution when they need it.

ProArc was used to build Gardermobanen, which is the railway tracks the Flytoget airport train uses between the Oslo Central Train Station and Oslo Airport.

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