Finland’s first real-time mobile payment platform - the future created in an ecosystem collaboration

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Siirto - P2P payments illustrated

Siirto is a platform for making mobile and e-commerce payments easy and smooth in Finland.

Banks and Payment Service Providers can launch real-time payment services for their customers starting in March 2017. Automatia provides a Siirto platform for real-time account-to-account payments and national mobile payment receiver register.

Siirto is a multi-banking payment platform build on open interfaces for banks or Payment Initiating Service Providers (PISP) to develop and innovate new payment services for the users by providing access to accounts on any of the participating account holding banks.

Launch of Siirto - Finland’s first real-time mobile payment platform

Open Ecosystem Forum

About us

Regional cross-industry forum for speeding up development of consumer payment services in the region.

This ecosystem forum is the platform to bring together payments service providers, retailers, start-ups and any relevant stakeholders having ambition to develop retail payment ecosystem.

We aim for open conversation on complicated topics and find and specify together general solution for many stakeholders.

Forum is an open for any party to participate.

We do

Ways of working

  • Expert discussion tables & meetings

  • Workgroups for market standard solution definition for all stakeholders

  • Information sharing


Bring market ecosystem stakeholders together to enable faster development of retail payment landscape in this market so that parties can offer consumers easy payment services.

Outcomes of  our work are common solution blueprints jointly agreed. Any implementation decisions done independently by the stakeholders.

We are

Ecosystem forum is open to all the future-oriented financial institutions, retailers or service providers seeking for new business opportunities and successful ideas.

We work close co-operation with other industry forums e.g. Mobey Forum and national initiative like TALTIO.

We will not focus on overlapping solutions with any known initiative for example on European level.

Tieto is planned to facilitate work. The participation is open on voluntary basis.

Blog posts about Siirto and payment ecosystems

Blogs about Siirto

Finland takes the lead with real-time payments

Sami Uski Tieto

Tieto operated as catalyst in an ecosystem that generated Finland’s first real-time payment service and cross-banking mobile payment platform Siirto. Sami Uski shares his thoughts on collaboration, industry disruption and the future of payments.

What does real-time P2P payments mean for retailers?

Patrik Centellini

If you could reboot how payments are done in your store what would you do? Likely you’d want them digital, instant and seamlessly integrated into the shopping experience. With Siirto, this is becoming a reality in Finland. Patrik Centellini shares what’s next within payments for retailers.

Real-time money transfer with Siirto – What’s in it for me?

Sami Uski

Transferring cash immediately and through your mobile phone simplifies buying and selling goods, splitting bills and sending money to friends and family. Pretty obvious, right? Sami Uski shares why real-time payments through Siirto will make your life even better than that.

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Finland’s first real-time mobile payment platform - the future created in an ecosystem collaboration

Tieto develops Finland’s first real-time mobile payment platform for Automatia

Automatia announced today the launch of Finland’s first real-time multi-banking platform for mobile payments, named Siirto. Tieto has designed and implemented the service. Siirto is an open payment platform which follows the new regulations set by EU’s Payment Service Directive (PSD2), paving the way for new innovations and payment solutions within the financial ecosystem.


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Sami Uski

Sami Uski

Head of Business Development Banking & Digital Channels, Tieto


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Mikko Erkkilä

Mikko Erkkilä

Senior Program Manager, Tieto