Palfinger Hackathon

What is Palfinger Hackathon?

With more than 100 participants, PALFINGER Hackathon is the largest Digitalization Hackathon, that has ever been carried out in Austria so far. A Hackathon is about breaking the limits, having crazy ideas and join PALFINGER's Digitalization journey for roughly 36 hours. Furthermore it is a place to have tons of fun, meet new inspirational people and create ground breaking ideas and concepts.

Come and join the biggest Digitalization movement on 4th and 5th of March 2017 and win prizes worth more than 6.000 €, and an option to continue working on your idea afterwards with PALFINGER and Tieto professionals!

Why PALFINGER, and what about "powered by Tieto"?

In 2015, PALFINGER decided to establish an own, internal start up - the PALFINGER Digitalization Lab. This small and agile team focuses on creating new Smart Connected Products and substantially enhance the PALFINGER products using the new possibilities of Digitalization.

With Tieto as an experienced Digitalization Partner, we started forming an ideal ecosystem to support this way forward. With this setup, PALFINGER as traditional Austrian company, is pioneer in the digitalization area.

Technologies at the Hackathon

Tieto HoloLens

You will have the chance to use latest, state of the art hardware and software. You can try out Microsoft HoloLens for your use case, XMReality Remote Guidance, use the latest VR Glasses or build powerful applications based on Microsoft's Azure Platform.

You can focus on Visualization, Machine Learning, IoT Applications or even combine all of them to create stunning solutions. If you have ideas how Digitalization could kick-start a new business model for PALFINGER, you are also more than welcome!

For everyone!

No matter whether you are a pro or beginner, have just launched a start-up, you are a student or a creator in your free-time – everybody who is open minded for new technologies and likes to combine the virtual world with real PALFINGER machinery is welcome!

Where will it take place?


The event will take place at the very cool location of Microsoft!

Microsoft Österreich
Am Euro Platz 3
A-1120 Wien

More details can be found here

Four Challenge Suggestions - Think out of the box!

To give you an idea, what we are looking for, we have formulated four challenges. This does not mean that we are looking only for your ideas in this area! You can of course surprise the jury with your special stunning ideas! Use the suggestions as a kickstarter for your own, new ideas!

Area 1 - Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality

New technologies like Microsoft HoloLens, smartphones or 3D camera systems can be utilized for different areas of PALFINGER and create additional value for the customers.

Create new prototypes or use cases, that enhance the reality or the view of the crane operator, maintenance worker or engineers to make their life easier, safer and increase the value for them.

Area 2 - Increase degree of automation for the loading or unloading of trucks

Automated loading of trucks is one of the main trends in the era of digitalization. For PALFINGER, new concepts and prototypes can be a huge differentiator.

Create new, innovative prototypes or use cases, that help the truck drivers, logistic experts or customer support to increase the efficiency in the loading or unloading procedure for example by using additional sensors. Improve the planning of routes, increase safety or decrease the complexity of using many devices for the operators.

Area 3 - Digital assistance systems

As an innovator, PALFINGER constantly breaks new ground to be on the leading edge. Therefore new, alternative assistance systems, need to be created, developed and tested.

Create new ideas for lifting or lowering loads with the help of new assistance systems, changed processes or alternate ways of steering this procedures. Think about the user experience and ways how the operators can be supported!

Area 4 - PALFINGER as a Service

For PALFINGER the current main business model is to sale their equipment to customers. But how will this business model be effected by Digitalization?  How will new partner ecosystems, the created data or new needs for flexibility support new business models? Come up with your ideas and concepts how a PALFINGER as a Service Business Model can look like!