Future of clinical information is open

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Dealing with healthcare IT and especially with clinical information is complex, and the solutions provided for clinicians have sometimes been suboptimal and not lasting in the long-term. But why? And how could this be done better and faster? Or is that possible?  

Doing standardization on a single EHR platform is not cost-effective or future-proof. openEHR is the international standard for building clinical data repositories (CDR) that are future-proof and flexible.  


openEHR - the key to digitalizing healthcare


Interview with Johan Höglund and Tomaž Gornik, Co-Chair of openEHR Foundation and CEO at Marand.

Electronic health records (EHRs) are stored on closed systems. This is the biggest obstacle to fully digitalizing healthcare. In Sweden, Tieto wants to lead the way in building open ecosystems for EHRs and believes this will improve healthcare and even create jobs.

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openEHR is the key for flexible utilization of information

Kimmo Alaniska

Tieto has taken a major step in healthcare system development towards an information model that supports open and international standards. The information model aims to improve the effectivity and quality of care and to reduce costs.

The chosen model, openEHR, enables the best utilization of international and national clinical information and care recommendations, as well as fast organization-specific adaptation.

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Future clinical information is open


The future of healthcare and social welfare information and systems is structured, open and adaptive. The amount of data will increase exponentially. The faster patient and customer information will become structured, the more versatile the utilization of the data will be.

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Download the openEHR whitepaper here!



World leader in e-health by 2025 – how to go from vision to action


If Sweden is to be the world's best on e-health, we need to increase its IT budget and invest in partnership and innovation. Johan Höglund, Head of Healthcare and Welfare at Tieto, reflects on how eHealth should go from vision to action.

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Learn more about the opportunities and challenges of openEHR


openEHR foundation is hosting two events exploring the opportunities and challenges of openEHR. The events will take place:

  • Helsinki on Tuesday, March 20th at Kilta-sali, Lapinrinne 1
  • Stockholm on Wednesday, March 21st at Royal Viking, Vasagatan1

Please register via registration link below. Event participation is free of charge.

Tieto @Vitalis 25.- 27. April 2017

Tomaž Gornik, CEO of Marand and Johan Höglund, Head of Healthcare, Welfare and Education for Tieto, discuss the value of openEHR for healthcare services. Interviewed by Hanna Brodda, MedTech Magazine.



Partner Forum “Kumppanuusforum” is the largest annual customer event for Tieto's Finnish healthcare, welfare and education customers. This year’s  event, organized for the 24rd time,  took place in Jyväskylä and it gathered together close to 500 participants - customers, partners and Tieto staff.

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Tieto @Finnish Social & Healthcare IT Days, 22.-24. May 2017


Digitalisation and new technologies at the center in Finnish Social & Healthcare IT Days.

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