Protect your market position in the open era

Tieto Open Banking Platform

With 50 years market experience, we can help you build solutions for long-term success.

Our expert guidance every step of the way enables you to create and implement a successful open banking strategy. 

Improve Your Business

Maintain market position

Be a part of the new payment ecosystem that will shape the future of financial services.

Generate new revenue streams

By offering value-added services, made possible by data sharing with external TPPs, banks can create new streams of revenue.

Build greater customer loyalty

Loyalty is strengthened through increasingly customer-centric banking services, provided by you and complemented by TPPs, and made available via open APIs.

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In order to reap the potential benefits of the change in the making, banks need to first think broadly about where they see their place in the open banking marketplace. Learn more in our whitepaper.

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Strategic Options


strategic options for banks

Tieto Open API solution is fully PSD2 compliant and built based on the Berlin Group XS2A framework. This software allows banks and other financial institutions to create different business models in line with the chosen strategy for open banking implementation. 

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Get a detailed overview of Tieto Open Banking Platform.


PSD2 paves the way to innovative banking

PSD2 paves the way to innovative banking

The market is still waiting for a flow of new products, yet there already are some big players willing to experiment.

The EU takes the lead in formalized Open Banking

EU takes the lead in formalized Open Banking

When it comes to PSD2 and Open Banking, the European Union is like a test lab for the rest of the world.

The introduction of APIs and standards made easy

introduction of APIs and standards made easy

Many banks assume that putting in place and maintaining a new infrastructure is easy and they can do it on their own; but in many cases, this simply isn’t true.

Meet the team 

Edgars Bremze

Edgars Bremze

Strategic Product Manager 

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Vadims Lamovs

Vadims Lamovs

Senior Offering Manager 

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