All cloud benefits in one solution
Tieto OneCloud
The multi-cloud management solution for your business renewal. Combining public cloud solutions from leading global suppliers with private cloud services from Tieto's Nordic data centres in one managed solution.
Cloud enables digitalization and business renewal

All businesses need to renew themselves to stay afresh and competitive - optimising their existing business and inventing new - all at the same time. Cloud is a key enabler for digitalization and business renewal.

We are in the middle of a digital age, where all organisations are exposed to a constant pressure of re-inventing themselves to stay successful, be it renewal of business processes or complete business models. Cloud technology is a key enabler for the renewal, bringing agility, innovation and efficiency.

The challenge - managing multi-cloud

There are myriad cloud options and delivery models available. As cloud adoption increases, we see that organisations are increasingly choosing to work with multiple cloud providers to maximise the benefits from cloud technology.

They use different clouds for different needs, projects, teams and applications. A multi-cloud environment like this is complex and challenging to manage.

The solution - One solution to manage your multi-cloud ecosystem

Tieto offers you all the cloud benefits in one managed solution. Instead of multiple clouds, we offer one solution to manage your multi-cloud ecosystem; private, public or hybrid.

One solution that is flexible enough to fit your business needs - and give full support to your DevOps way of working. One interface to give you a full overview of your cloud services and their cost. One method to access, scale and migrate. One way to coordinate all your suppliers.

And one mechanism to keep it all secure. One cloud for all your needs.

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Benefits that make Tieto OneCloud unique

Tieto OneCloud is the one multi-cloud solution including all benefits of the cloud, enabling faster and more agile business in a secure and optimised way.

Public clouds

Access to leading public cloud providers and technologies to minimise technology lock-in.

Private clouds

Private cloud services delivered from Tieto data centres in Sweden, Finland and Norway.

Multi-Cloud management

Multi-cloud management solution supporting a mix of delivery models
(public, private, onsite), and the latest ways of working (DevOps).

One market place

One market place, consolidated reporting and invoicing.


Deep system expertise on all existing platforms combined with extensive industry experience.

Choice and flexibility

Choice and flexibility to place and move workloads between different
clouds and technologies.


Flexibility to choose security level(s) and data location based on needs.

Guidance and advice

Guidance and advice on the right strategy and mix of cloud options and models to best support business goals.

Nordic leader

Nordic enterprise cloud market leader with over 150 cloud customers in the region. (Gartner, May 18th 2015 on Cloud IaaS).

Secure - simple - agile - efficient
Multi-cloud management solution

Tieto OneCloud is your market place to access and manage different
cloud services from leading cloud service providers, with
consolidated reporting and invoicing as well as one point of contact.

Tieto OneCloud

Combining leading public clouds (AWS and Azure) and Tieto private cloud services and onsite services in one solution, all managed by cloud experts at Tieto.

How cloud works


Tieto continues to provide infrastructure services to Outokumpu

- Tieto will provide Outokumpu with next generation infrastructure services, including multi-cloud capabilities based on Tieto OneCloud.

Tieto to help ÅF modernize IT infrastructure with global workplace solutions and OneCloud

- Tieto has signed a four-year deal with Swedish engineering and consultancy firm ÅF to modernize the company’s IT infrastructure around the world. The contract includes cutting-edge cloud services and workplace solutions.

Market leading partners

Tieto OneCloud is built with market leading cloud ecosystem partners including public and private cloud technologies and services. Initially covering IaaS, soon to include PaaS and SaaS.

  • Possibility to deploy applications on different technologies based on need.
  • Possibility to move workloads between public and private clouds over time if needed.
Supported IaaS technologies
Microsoft Hyper-V
Supported public clouds
Microsoft Azure

Tieto named a Strong Performer in hosted private cloud services in Europe by Forrester.

Read more in press release and download the Forrester Wave™ report! 

OneCloud whitepaper
Cloud solutions can help you to be agile, boost innovation and save costs. But how do you know what is the right cloud mix for you? And how do you manage the multi-cloud efficiently to get the benefits out of it?

We believe in bringing simplicity back to the cloud.

Download the whitepaper and see how this is done.
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