Meridium and Tieto CEM joining forces for a holistic approach on Customer Experience

Technological evolvement and user expectations are reshaping organizations’ future

The world is transforming from complicated to complex and companies need to find new ways to build their competitive advantage. As companies are figuring out how to best benefit from technological development, they are also faced with ever-increasing customer needs. Customer-centric companies that embrace new technology will be the winners in the new digital, customer-driven landscape, because utilizing data to draw customer insights makes it possible to be relevant in any customer situation.

2015 “digital natives” outran “digital immigrants”. Along with rapid technological development, this has led to radically changed customer expectations and a new type of competitiveness that many companies and organizations are not prepared for and often do not have the competence to respond to.

Today’s complex reality calls for a new paradigm that is genuinely customer and user oriented. A holistic approach to Customer Experience is vital for the successful organizations of tomorrow, but a prerequisite to this approach is that you embrace and understand the potential of technological development.

With a customer driven-perspective and technological curiosity, new possibilities to generate business value arise in the intersection of users and technology. This also creates potential to become a disruptive industry innovator that sets completely new expectations for the entire industry.

What’s hindering companies from becoming customer driven?

Many prominent challenges within organizations and companies hinder them from becoming truly customer-driven:

  • Too many plans/no plans at all regarding different roles and functions
  • Decisions are based on gut feelings or personal preferences instead of data
  • Work is done in silos, rendering it impossible to see the big picture
  • There is a mismatch between organizational structure and an agile way of working
  • A one-sided technology focus creates deserted technology islands that create no real customer or user value

Balancing business, technology and users to create value is possible for any company –providing they embrace a perspective that includes four supportive focus areas in between the data and user experience.

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A new leader in a complex digital landscape

Successfully transforming a business in a complex and evolving digital landscape demands end-to-end capabilities. It also calls for an understanding of how several aspects in both the change process and the digitalization of processes impact other structures of the business.

Meridium and Tieto have joined forces to help your company achieve these skills. Meridium is now a part of Tieto’s business unit CEM (Customer Experience Management). This has created a broad portfolio, which we can apply across the entire customer journey to guide you in your digital transformation of both front-end and back-end functions to leverage personalized customer experiences that truly generate business value, regardless of your industry.

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How we help you become more customer focused by creating personalized customer experiences

  • We guide you in embracing an agile and flexible way of working
  • We take a holistic view on Customer Experience by acquiring relevant user insights across the entire user journey
  • We introduce decision models based on data instead of guesses
  • We show you how to safely embrace new technology with curiosity  

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Towards a data driven future

In July 2018, Tieto conducted a study with over 300 Nordic executives from a wide variety of industries across Finland, Sweden and Norway on their views on business innovation. The survey responses from Nordic business leaders form the foundation of the findings in this Towards a data-driven future research.

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Customer Experience Management Study

An in-depth Customer Experience Management study was conducted on behalf of Tieto with interviews targeted at decision makers working in marketing, sales and customer service within retail, manufacturing and business-to-business service industries.

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Vice President, Head of Customer Experience Management business

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