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With more than 20 years' experience in the Nordics, we have your credit software needs covered. Welcome to business process management made simple.

Automated and digitalized solutions for your lending process

Tieto offers automated loan processing for origination and administration of high volumes of corporate credit, mortgages and unsecured loans.   

  • An advanced AI business and credit rules engine built into the solution providing secure and precise credit decisions and pricing. 
  • A fully automated off the shelf solution for any kind of lending, fully compliant and integrated with open APIs.
  • Quick to implement: 3 months' time to market.
  • Compliance embedded into our solution, enabling you to stay compliant to the latest regulations incl. GDPR and IFRS 9&16.

Loan Origination – Automated loan processing

Loan origination

With Tieto Loan Origination, you can automate the application, scoring, decision and documentation phase for your corporate credit, mortgages and personal loans. More than 15 mortgage institutes already use our solution, which has processed more than SEK 900+ billion.

Lower risk and speed up time to market

Automated credit process for application, scoring, decision and documentation phase for corporate credit, mortgages and personal loans

A fully automated process which will enable you to focus on your core business

Loan Administration – Compliance made simple

Once the credit has been signed it passes into the administration phase. With Tieto Loan Administration software, you can automate the credit processing from first payment to final accounting. It is in use in 19 countries, with clients including several major banks.

Compliance with legal and infrastructural requirements, reducing operational risks as well as allowing connectivity with multiple channels

A continuously compliant solution with real time automated process support and public API’s for multi-channel integration

Ability to quickly adapt to new market requirements and being able to grow your business

Loan administration

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For banks, insurance companies, online lenders and alternative financing companies.

An agile approach which delivers solutions at record breaking speed and reduces implementation costs.

Future-proof products with upgrades integrating the latest technology innovations and compliance requirements.


The Chatbot Revolution

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Bots are not just cheaper than humans, but can offer the next generation of personal finance management.

Social and alternative data-driven scoring

Social and alternative data-driven scoring – a needed complement to traditional credit scoring

By implementing alternative and social scoring, lenders can achieve higher accuracy in their credit evaluations, and capture customers they would otherwise have missed out on.

Compliance & Data Security:

Compliance & Data Security: How the landscape is changing and can start-up banks and fintech keep up

Will start-up banks have a huge competitive advantage in IT capabilities compared to traditional banks?

Machine learning in credit scoring

Machine learning in credit scoring

Machine learning can be used in credit scoring to achieve a more accurate scoring from large amounts of data.

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