Hack for Financial Wellbeing

April 11-12, 2018
Thank you for the teams joined our journey!

Intrumhack highlights

The Winners


IMMIT team Intrumhack

Team IMMIT nailed the Intrumhack challenge by creating an innovative Intrum community solution with different functionalities including a payment plan and a chat function with other people in the same financial situation. The award was given by Intrum's COO Cathrine Klouman and Tommi Sova, Regional Managing Director at Intrum. Massive congratulations for the whole team!

Choice of Nordic Capital

Bite team Intrumhack

The team Bite created a reward program solution dedicated for youngsters. The award was given by Mikael Carlsson, IT Strategy Advisor at Nordic Capital.

Choice of Tieto and IBM

Phoenix team Intrumhack

Phoenix's solution had a great implementation capability and feasibility and it utilised well the already existing KPI’s Sami Uski, Advisor, Customer Experience in Financial Services at Tieto justified. Tuomo Haukkovaara,Vice President, Long Term Services, IBM Nordic explained that the good usage of the data and intuitiveness of the solution determined his choice for Phoenix.

Thank you everyone for making Intrumhack such a great experience!

Intrumhack participants

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Intrumhack 8
Intrumhack 8
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Find new digital solutions that create structure and promote wellbeing for both Intrum’s clients and customers, so that Intrum can be the bridge to support the clients getting paid and customers who are in trouble to meet their invoices. Create better (digital) services for managing personal economy and raise the customer experience through the use of data and public API’s.


  • Enable users to get in touch with their finances
  • Innovative approach to personal digital services through the use of customer insights, data and new technologies
  • Explore the available data and possibility of combining it with external sources.
  • Design the public API to explore variety of use cases

Hack for better finance with Intrum

Consumption patterns have evolved over time, but in the digital era, the attitude towards money has changed drastically since credit cards have replaced bills and coins in our wallets. Digital money is invisible and easy to spend, forgetting all the limits. That might lead to financial trouble for consumers, and businesses alike. The challenge is vast, and fascinating at the same time. As the largest debt collection business in Europe and an aspiring role model in the industry, Intrum finds both opportunity and obligation to set new standards and change how credit management is perceived. For the first time we open access to our data and call for experiments to solve the challenge.

Food for thought

Changing spending habits calls for innovation

Intrumhack blog image

Do you spend your own money, or a bank's? In a cash-free society, the value of money is diminishing. Louise Karlander, Head of Innovation at Intrum Group shares crucial facts from the European Consumer Payment Report to illustrate the scale of challenge European nations are facing in financial wellbeing. 

Financial wellbeing innovation: data, creativity & curiosity

Intrumhack blog image 2

A lot of hope is put on the latest tech advancement such as data, AI, machine learning and other buzz-words to find new solutions to improve financial wellbeing. But that’s only a one part of it. Read the blog by Ksenia Avetisova, Strategic Innovation Lead at Tieto and Alan Cabello, Founder & Partner at Sparklabs Switzerland what creates the basis for a successful innovation. 


Catrine Klouman_image

Cathrine Klouman

Chief Operating Officer 


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mikael carlsson

Mikael Carlsson

IT Strategy Advisor

Nordic Capital

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sami uski picture

Sami Uski

Advisor, Customer Experience in Financial Services 


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Tommi Sova image

Tommi Sova

Regional Managing Director


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iren tranvag picture

Iren Tranvåg


Nordic Finance Innovation

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Tuomo Haukkovaara image

Tuomo Haukkovaara

Vice President, Long Term Services, IBM Nordic


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Why join?


5 000 euros for top team
plus an opportunity turn the idea into an actual product or service together with Intrum. 

Additional prizes from partners will be announced later. 

In addition participating teams get a valuable experience of rapid innovation and opportunity to build connections in international atmosphere.

Leading mentors and jury

We have the best innovation, data science, tech, business and customer experience mentors to support you. We’ve secured top speakers to share insights into trends and tendencies of the industry and beyond.

You will pitch the outcome of your creative work and data crunching to the panel of fintech, customer experience and behavioural science experts.

Exceptional experience

To make the event a nice experience and also to assure that circumstances are suitable for creating groundbreaking innovations, we take good care of our hackers. 

We offer easy-to-reach facilities in Keilaniemi, constant supply of food & beverages, sparring sessions with leading experts and recreation activities such as day-time yoga and evening sauna.


Join now

The hackathon is open for all - students, startup community and established organizations. We believe in the power of diverse background and skills, e.g. data science, coding, behavioural science, user experience, design and finance might be instrumental in discovering meaningful solutions to the challenge. 

We also ask you to describe your initial approach for solving the challenge. The idea can be improved and changed during the hackathon, but this initial idea will be one criteria for selecting the teams.

Key dates 
Application deadline: March 12th, 2018
Selected teams notified: March 16th, 2018
Pre-event for participants: March 21st, 2018
Hackathon dates: April 11-12th, 2018

Keynote Speakers

Laila Pawlak image

Laila Pawlak

Co-Founder & CEO of SingularityU Denmark

Laila Pawlak, Co-Founder and CEO of SingularityU Nordic, is a sought after-speaker on customer experiences, entrepreneurship, impact, corporate innovation and the exponential mindset. She is also an active angel investor, board member and advisor to politicians and organizations. Award winner of the Experience Management Achievement, she was nominated twice for Female Entrepreneur of the Year. Laila was selected top100 talents and recently top100 women in Denmark. She was also selected a distinguished 2017 Fellow of Female Entrepreneurship at the United Nations.

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Taneli Tikka

Taneli Tikka

Head of Innovation, Data-driven businesses, Tieto

Taneli Tikka is the Head of Innovation for Tieto Plc. He is known for a long and multifaceted career in growth companies, and as a board of directors professional. He has been awarded several recognitions for his work during the years. Taneli is the chairman of the Artificial Intelligence group at the Finnish technology industries. Taneli is an active operator in the Startup Ecosystem, as for example a coach in Startup Sauna and a co-founder of the Startup Foundation (that organises Startup Sauna, Junction Hack and Slush).

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Cathrine Klouman

Cathrine Klouman

Chief Operating Officer, Intrum

Cathrine Klouman is Chief Operating Officer since June 2017. Previous to that Klouman held the position at Lindorff as EVP Lindorff Business Partner and Group CIO since January 2016. Klouman has more than 20 years’ experience from both the IT- and Financial Services industries, and held different senior positions within IBM, Bank-Axept and DNB. Previous to her position at Lindorff she was Chief Information and Digital Officer in MøllerGruppen (The Møller Group). She is currently Member of the Board in Infotjenester AS. Cathrine holds an MSc in Business Administration from the Norwegian Business School (BI) and extended courses from MIT Sloan School of Management. Can also be found on Intrum website.

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Meet some of the mentors, more to be announced soon.

Narve Hansen

Narve Hansen

Chief Innovation Officer at BankAxept

Narve Hansen has more than 27 years of experience in the financial sector, and acquired broad experience of sales & marketing. He worked 6 years in Mexico and founded a company offering loyalty programs to the exclusive clients of HSBC, Santander, Bancomer, Citi Group and MasterCard. He is now, working for BankAxept, the domestic payment scheme in Norway and is one of the board members, building up the largest Innovation network within Fintech in the Nordics called Nordic Finance Innovation.

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Miikka Lehtonen

Miikka J. Lehtonen

Visiting Assistant Professor, Aalto University School of Business & School of Arts, Design and Architecture

Miikka J. Lehtonen, D.Sc.(Econ.), visiting assistant professor at Aalto University’s multidisciplinary International Design Business Management graduate program. Previously assistant professor at the University of Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan. Described as ‘mad professor’ by Antti “AI” Merilehto. Transforming universities through narrative-driven blended learning (IDBM Challenge) and researching game companies, visual research methods, drawgasms, and blended learning. Avid fan of Rilakkuma!

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Alan Cabello

Alan Cabello

Founder & Partner, SparkLabs Switzerland

In 2013 Alan founded Spark Labs, an association between EPFL and ETH Zurich with the goal to educate the innovation leaders of today and tomorrow through the principles of Design Thinking and build a community of like-minded experts and alumni. Alan joined AGCS in May 2016, leading the Central and Eastern Europe innovation initiative. His is the Blockchain lead for AGCS and the Insurtech subject matter expert.

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Hannah Cook

Hannah Cook

Director of Group Digitalisation Program at Intrum

Hannah has almost 10-years of experience from DNB, both as Business CIO in DNB IT and Executive Vice President for Strategy & Analysis in the Personal banking segment. She was also responsible for developing DNBs payment solution for the P2B segment. In addition, Hannah has eight years of international consulting experience in managing large business transformation programs. During this hackathon, she is available to support you with advice on Intrum’s Digital agendas well as digitalization in general.

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Louise Karlander

Louise Karlander

Head of Innovation at Intrum

Louise is in charge of innovation at Intrum Group and works with finding innovative solutions to enable the company to transition to the digital era. As an expert in payments she is actively working on finding ways to use the PSD2 framework to enhance the customer experience and making it easy for the consumer to pay their outstanding debts. Having a strong background in banking and finance, Louise is driven by creating financial experiences for all ages in the digital era. 

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Susanna Rostedt

Susanna Rostedt

Group digital development specialist at Intrum

Susanna kicked off her career at Lindorff in 2008 by starting from the operations and moving to business development, gaining extensive experience in the field of ideation, innovation and customer experience. In recent years she has been working on improving the customer experience of the Intrum digital solutions utilizing customer centric service design techniques. Human to human touch is important to Susanna and in her mind digital development comes down to people and how they experience things that they encounter.

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Sandra Calvo

Sandra Calvo

Client Technical Specialist at IBM

Energetic technical expert and business interpreter, whose absolute strength is an open-minded attitude and a professional grip on any developer tool. For daytime work, Sandra builds proof of technology and demos using IBM Cloud platform and Watson enabling clients and partners to get up to speed with cloud & data technologies as well as AI & machine learning.

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Juha-Pekka Saarinen

Juha-Pekka Saarinen

Chief Architect at Intrum

JP is leading agile enterprise architecture function at Intrum Group, focusing on securing company growth, improving effectiveness and efficiency, and accelerating digitalization and data/analytics. With over 10 years of experience in market development, architecture, and technology trends in finance industry, and a twist of disruptive thinking he has a solid vision how to shape the industry into more event-driven, business real-time finance ecosystem. In addition to architecture JP has been working with IT strategies, M&As and IT landscape rationalizations. During the hackaton, he is providing architecture support and advice, and being sparring partner on any kind of ideas.

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Juuso Rantasalo

Juuso Rantasalo

Head of Automation and Contact Centres at Intrum’s Digitalisation Program

Joining Lindorff in 2005, he first led pre-legal customer operations domestically in Finland, but has since 2009 worked mostly with international business initiatives and projects as well as M&A’s. Juuso has solid insight on classic contact centre operations, but been also part of many innovation projects – e.g. he pioneered on the digital frontier of Collections by having a major role in creation of the first-ever Finnish collections self-service portal. Having experience from the media and entertainment business, Juuso knows how to foster creativity and positive attitude.

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Mika Mikkola

Mika Mikkola

Data Scientist at Intrum

Mika kicked off his career in credit management industry in 2011 at Lindorff gaining extensive experience in the field of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. Recent years he has been working on improving operations and supporting decision making with data-driven solutions utilizing AI with various machine learning techniques. For Mika it’s all about data and math – how to find hidden information using algorithms and making most out of it.

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