A national payments system in an open era

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Instant and open is the new normal in payments

Whether it is access, APIs, banking or standards, ‘open’ is the new normal for financial services. Similarly, real-time or instant has now become the de facto standard for payments. More than 20 countries worldwide either have real time and instant payment systems or upgrading their payment infrastructures. The future of financial services will run on real-time payment rails.

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Whether it is access, APIs, banking or standards, ‘open’ is the new normal for financial services. Similarly, real-time or instant has now become the de facto standard for payments. Hence discussions around national payments infrastructures have changed. They have moved from questioning whether to adopt a central infrastructure or national payment system, to how to make this fit-for-purpose in the new open and instant era.

Download the Payments Cards and Mobile whitepaper in collaboration with Tieto "National payment systems in the open era".

In this whitepaper we:

  • highlight the key design principles and challenges when implementing a national payments infrastructure.
  • examine selected propositions, such as person-to-personperson-to-business and payments to and from government.
  • offer recommendations for Central Banks, ACH and Payment Processors and Mobile Networks on what to do, who to involve and how to move forward with implementing a national payment system.


Main functionality

Real-time, 24/7/365  • Based on ISO 20022:2013 standard • Irrevocable immediate C2C payments • Based on SEPA Instant Credit Transfer • Country specific scheme • Multi-currency, multi institution compatibility



Key drivers

Cost reduction and optimization • Independence and control • Financial inclusion • Increasing market competition • Innovation and added value products and services • Interoperability

We create added value for society, companies and people

Kenya Interbank Transaction Switch. PesaLink.

KBA. PesaLink.

The national interbank transaction switching platform solution enables money transfers using any payment channels – Mobile payments, ATM, POS or online and bank branches - instantly. Kenya’s first real time payment platform - Kenya Interbank Transaction Switch - is the first ever, 24/7 real-time inter-bank transaction framework for customer convenience and constant service availability in the region.

Automatia Finland. Siirto.

Automatia. Siirto

An open platform for PSPs and banks was created to enable the participant own innovative end-user services, value-added pre- and post-transaction services on top of the existing shared platform. This platform enables banks to have more control over user experience. Account-to-account real-time payment transfers and payment requests across the banks are based on the mobile phone number linked to a bank and an account.


Open for business?

The telco industry has been there and done that with ‘open’. What happened? And what can banks learn? Weigh up the options blog where we examine the four main strategic options for banks in the new open era

Delivering on financial inclusion

Bringing the worlds 2 billion unbanked people into a formal financial system, a few thoughts on how. 

Before and after instant payments

Sharing experience and proven methodologies to help you short-cut mistakes when planning for a national instant payment solution

National payment systems in the open era

The basic movement of money from A to B is changing. It’s becoming faster, embedded and more open ecosystem driven.

After the launch of a National payment system, what's next?

The real value of building a national payment system comes when the system is used to unlock delivering on social projects and financial inclusion 

Wiser before the event

The concept of collaboration and open discussion before any national payments ecosystem development project cuts project time, cost and complexity. In short, we help potential customers to be wiser before the event

 Central processors •  Banks • Government • Payment institutions

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