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Data is like the water and it will become very important in the future. It's a prime driver for human experience and economic value. We aim to co-innovate new unforeseen data-driven services and business models. Let's build the future together and develop data-based ideas turning them into mature business opportunities via idea incubation and commercialization – following lean startup methods.

“We warmly welcome all ideas from our ecosystem. Tieto Data Incubator is like a top-notch racing team: we have a super car waiting for you here. All the technology needed. The pit crew is standing by. Catering is arranged. Everything is ready for you to come here as the driver and decide what data-driven idea to work on”, Taneli Tikka, Head of Innovation, Tieto Data-Driven Businesses. 

We aim to incubate data-driven ideas and test if there is a business case behind them. We work closely together with the ecosystem Tieto is a part of, and emphasis is placed on Nordic startups and innovators, not forgetting Tieto’s own data-savvy employees.

We offer networks, access to customers, funding, coaching, technology, tools, platforms, and strong support to accelerate the data driven business idea further. It is both a business platform and a technology platform to incubate ideas on top of.

We expect that our teams keep a fast pace, engage actively with customers, validate, pilot, test and thoroughly develop their ideas onwards together with all relevant stakeholders tied to it. It is more of a “place of doing” than a “place of planning”.

We invite all innovators, teams and startups to join forces with us. You get access to a significant client potential in the Nordic market and a unique environment to develop a data-driven idea thanks to Tieto’s unique position to match the best partners and global technologies.

Do you have a truly data-driven idea? What happens if you remove the data from your idea? Data-driven idea means that it will have data at the core of the business idea or logic. Do you have it? Join us!

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Tieto Data Incubator team

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Taneli Tikka

Taneli Tikka, Tieto Data-Driven Businesses

Head of Innovation Incubation, 
Data-Driven Businesses

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Fredrik Ring

Fredrik Ring, Tieto Data-Driven Businesses

Head of Commercialization, 
Data-Driven Businesses

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Marc Salas Martínez

Marc Salas Marinez

Innovation Coach
Data-Driven Businesses

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“Our aim is to make the future more intelligent with data. Be it by making buildings more intelligent or creating personalized, better services with advanced analytics – it all starts with data. We have already started to generate and deploy data-driven ideas together with our customers and ecosystem. There is clearly demand for co-innovation around data, as the response from the market has been extremely encouraging,” Ari Järvelä, Head of Data-Driven Businesses.