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Automation and digitalization are the game-changers in the energy market…

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Tieto Energy Industry Cloud is especially customized for Nordic energy companies and offers constantly updated, scalable, modular and flexible services that will allow you to focus on your core business and drive success in the market. The ready-to-use platforms and integration support enable you to start benefiting immediately.

Here, you will get the latest insights about what Tieto Smart Utility can do for you and how it can help accelerate your business.

Tieto Smart Utility for your service

Distributed Energy Solution

The introduction of distributed energy resources, virtual power plants and energy management services are opening up new business models for digitalizing markets. With Tieto Smart Utility’s Distributed Energy Solution you operate virtually, in Uber style, the entire value chain from utility level assets to small scale distributed energy resources, providing full service in managing the new energy business.

Sales and Marketing & Customer Services

We help energy retailers to acquire customers and keep the current ones loyal with the intelligent cloud solution.

A well-timed created electricity offers to the channels your customers prefer improve the customer experience, and intuitive self-services provide your customers a possibility to take care of their issues time, place and device independently.

Network Management Automation

Tieto Smart Utility enables that your network operation and maintenance, investments, construction and logistics are managed for the optimal total outcome taking into account the regulatory demands. 

By automating your key processes you will achieve better control and decision making, efficient staff allocation, fewer errors and shorter recovery from service disruptions.

Billing Automation - real time services

Ensure better cash flow and customer satisfaction by taking advantage of real-time rating of energy consumption and billing automation! You can also create new type of products and pricing models with the product modeling tool.

Tieto Smart Utility takes advantage of real-time data, allowing both you and your customers to follow the status of your services in real time.

Tieto Nordic Energy Report 2018 - available now!

Tieto Nordic Energy Report_image

Tieto has conducted an energy industry research among energy retail and distribution companies in Nordics. Total 80 decision makers have been interviewed of trends, challenges and focus areas in the energy industry to reconcile the different strategic opinions and views in the Nordic market.

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Helen selects Tieto for digitalizing its business

Helen selects Tieto for digitalizing its business and improve customer experience

Helen is one of the leading energy companies in Finland with more than 400,000 customer sites. Tieto Smart Utility optimises Helen’s key customer processes, such as multi-channel marketing, sales and customer service processes, as well as invoicing. This change provides Helen’s customer with a wider range of services in digital channels and makes customer service quicker and more accessible, contributing to a better customer experience. 

Lumme Energia pilots a smart energy system

Tieto and Lumme Energia - a scalable next generation smart energy system

The pilot consists of connecting Suur-Savon Sähkö’s headquarters’ building automation, Etelä Savon Energia’s energy management system, solar panels, battery energy storage, and electric vehicles charging to Tieto’s distributed energy management platform. This allows a holistic and centralized management and control of the physical assets to enable energy optimization, and the use of those assets as a virtual power plant. 

Tieto helps in rollout of 1.6 million smart meters

Tieto helps energy company Wiener Netze in Austria to rollout 1.6 million smart meters

Wiener Netze in Austria is going to implement the rollout of 1.6 million smart meters in Vienna and its surroundings jointly with Siemens as the prime contractor supported by the consortium and technology partners. The Tieto Smart Utility system enables Siemens to manage a fully digitalized flow from planning to installation of smart meters with a high degree of automation and security thus fulfilling the high quality standards set by Wiener Netze and the Austrian regulator.

Göteborg Energi invests in sustainable energy solutions

Göteborg Energi invests in sustainable energy solutions

Göteborg Energi has chosen Tieto Smart Utility for its distribution and retail business. The system will, in combination with the new Output Management solution, give Göteborg Energi increased process automation and improved experience for its customers in all interactions as well as improving the internal efficiency, speed and competitiveness. 

Vattenfall Retail and Distribution in the Nordics selected Tieto Smart Utility

Vattenfall Retail and Distribution in the Nordics selected Tieto Smart Utility

The energy company Vattenfall has selected Tieto to deliver its Tieto Smart Utility for Vattenfall Distribution and Vattenfall Retail in Sweden. The new system increases efficiency by digitalizing and automating the customer’s core business processes such as sales, customer services, work flow management and billing. 

Turku Energia is digitalizing its business with the help of Tieto Smart Utility

Turku Energia is digitalizing its business with the help of Tieto Smart Utility

The new system optimizes the energy company's key customer processes, such as multi-channel marketing, sales and customer service processes, as well as the billing and account receivables process known as 'meter-to-cash'. It also increases the efficiency of processes for metering in the network business and for exchanging market data and offers processes for creating connections and handling field work.

E.ON chose Tieto solution for collection of meter values

E.ON has chosen Tieto Smart Utility for collection of meter values in Sweden

The energy company E.ON has chosen Tieto Smart Utility to support their distribution operations for the collection of meter values including field services for the Skåne area in Sweden with approximately 150,000 meters. Thanks to the new services, E.ON can continue to offer state of the art solutions with a high degree of automation for their customers. 

Tieto Smart Utility serves 1.5 million customers in Sweden

Fortum Sweden has chosen Tieto Smart Utility as their future Customer Information System

The energy company Fortum has chosen Tieto’s Customer Information System called Tieto Smart Utility to support Fortum’s Swedish operations. The Tieto Software as a service (SaaS) solution optimises the company’s core business activities in billing, customer service and sales. 

Customers' experiences

Norwegian grid company prepares for the future

Jan Rondeel
Jan Rondeel

“Some grid companies see themselves becoming nearly invisible and don’t consider it important to have customer data stored in their own systems”, Jan Rondeel, CIO, Skagerak Nett, says. “We at Skagerak have an opposite view. We have a responsibility towards our customers to show that we have a roadmap for continuously better service, control over our grid and all the work that is being done on the grid.”

We help energy distributor cut operational cost

Jukka Ahonen
Jukka Ahonen

Pohjois-Karjalan Sähkönsiirto (PKSS) was already using a network planning and documentation solution by Tieto, after serious deliberation the decision was made to carry out the modernization with Tieto. “In network management, it is not enough to part-optimize. Having a comprehensive picture, including operation, maintenance and investments, is the most important thing”, says Jukka Ahonen, Network Development Manager, PKSS.

Energy giant Vattenfall takes a digital leap forward

Ulf Jonsson
Ulf Jönsson

Tieto’s Smart Utility cloud platform offers a flexible pricing model that is adjustable on a monthly basis. This means that Vattenfall’s investment risk is minimised and IT costs become more predictable. “We knew that in order to manage the current downturn and solve the IT situation in Finland, we wanted a new approach that would also make us more efficient by cutting lead times and lowering the cost base,” explains Ulf Jönsson, Vattenfall’s Senior Project Manager.


Tieto and Aidon – even stronger together

Aidon, Thor-Erik Næss

Aidon is a leading European provider of solutions for smart metering and smart grid applications. Their open architecture–based smart metering systems and new generation energy service devices serve more than one million metering points, and Aidon has won more than 50 % of the Norwegian smart metering market.

"Together with Tieto, Aidon has a complete offering for Advanced Meter and Control Systems (AMS)," says Thor-Erik Næss, CEO, Aidon Norway.

Tieto and Tietokoura have entered into an Alliance Agreement


Tietokoura’s products and knowledge in portfolio management and B2B processes have now been combined with Tieto’s Energy Industry product portfolio offering for energy retail companies. The combination of both companies’ product portfolios will enhance and strengthen the retail energy companies’ competitiveness and efficiency through an effective toolset to plan, design and run their businesses.

Reports and whitepapers

AMI Challenges

AMI Whitepaper

Tieto Smart Utility

Recharge your energy business

Centralized Data Hubs

Centralized Data Hubs


How to ensure the survival of your energy retail business?

To achieve a lower cost of operation, you need to standardise your core process for commodity services. To respond quickly to market needs, you need faster product and process innovation. Because it will be impossible to do everything in-house, you need to embrace the idea of an “extended company”, meaning business network integration, collaboration and ecosystems. None of this is possible without digitalising a large part of your operation.

The first steps into a new form of distributed energy business

The energy revolution is powered by advances in renewable energy technologies, electrified transportation, energy storages and digitalisation. To enable new business models, advanced IT companies are developing modular end-to-end SaaS solutions to manage the distributed energy resources of tomorrow, maximising their business efficiency. The core is a platform that enables the interaction and control of millions of devices. 

Hey, who switched off my lights?

Because next-generation AMI collects vast amounts of very accurate data, and offers other direct control possibilities on customers’ electricity consumption, data security is a hot topic for regulators, distributors and consumers alike.

Who will have access to this data, who will decide the control measures, and who will in practice control the consumption at point-of-delivery level?

Winning or just surviving with second-generation AMI?

The rollout is a big undertaking, no doubt about that. Yet, you should extend your planning beyond the rollout. Have you prepared for handling and using the data you now have at your fingertips? Do you know what you can do with all this new data?

The minimum requirement for smart metering is meeting new regulation that concerns information supply to regulators and data hubs. Considering the cost of hundreds of thousands of new boxes, plus installation, wouldn’t it be nice to go further than just the bare minimum?

Smart metering – what should you know about it?

The Nordic countries are introducing the second generation of smart meters. The rest of Europe is embarking on a first-generation rollout. 

With the second generation of smart meters, we are looking at measuring hourly values instead of monthly values. Hourly spot prices have even larger fluctuation than monthly ones, so should we again be prepared for an onslaught of angry customers?

When will energy companies start selling coffee?

The million-dollar question many utility retailers are asking themselves is what to sell instead of electricity, which is something of a paradox since their core business, after all, is electricity. There are many good and creative attempts in this field, all somewhat related to electricity and many aiming at enabling the customer to consume less electricity (hence not supporting the core business which is to sell more electricity). To follow the petrol station example, there are two alternatives.

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