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Business ethics and integrity

The Code of Conduct constitutes the basis upon which all our policies and procedures are built.

For us the implementation of ethical values and work practices are vital parts of our daily operations, and we have zero tolerance for any unethical behavior. Our ethical values are outlined in our Code of Conduct (the Code), which is the backbone on which all our policies and procedures are built. 

But business ethics are more than avoiding breaking laws. They are about how we behave towards each other and towards the outside world. In other words, our approach to business ethics is intended to create a culture based on transparency and openness, where employees feel included, empowered, and able to influence their work and together contribute to an inspiring working environment. 

Our Code  

Our Code of Conduct outlines ethical behaviour standards for all our employees – in all countries where we have operations. This means that all our employees must be aware of, and conduct their activities in accordance with, the Code and its supporting rules. 

Companies under our control and their employees are also included in the scope of the application.

We will strive to promote this code with all parties contributing to our services, products and other business activities. Our expectations in relation to our suppliers’ and business partners’ conducts are expressed more clearly in the Supplier Code of Conduct. 

In situations where the law does not give guidance, we apply our own standards based on our corporate values and culture. In cases of conflict between mandatory law and the principles contained in this code, the highest standard shall prevail to ensure sustainable operations.

Code of Conduct 


Speaking up! 

Breaches of the law, our Code or any related rules is not tolerated under any circumstances and we strongly encourage our employees, customers and other stakeholders to report compliance concerns that might be a violation of the Code, our policies and rules or the law. Incidents reported will be duly investigated and firm action is taken on any violations. 

All reports are treated in a strictly confidential manner. Should you wish to remain anonymous, the whistleblowing channel linked below enables anonymous reporting while still establishing a channel for communication if further information is required to ensure sufficient investigations. 

We are committed to a culture in which everyone should feel safe with reporting concerns in relation to the Code. Persons reporting violations in good faith or cooperating with an investigation will not be subject to retaliation. Simply put, when in doubt, speak up! 
Whistleblowing channel 


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