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DNA focuses on digitalisation and increases sales

DNA is focused on the development of digital business. Now it's easier to shop in DNA’s online services, sales have grown by almost 20 percent in a year, and customer satisfaction has increased.

Jaakko Hallavo

Tietoevry alumni

DNA's vision and mission are to have more satisfied customers.  

The telecommunications operator started developing easy-to-use and customer-friendly digital services. The aim was to combine the digital channels with DNA’s stores and customer service.

'Great customer experience, enabled by digitalisation, gives a clear competitive edge to DNA – which provides services to both consumers and businesses. The increase in sales and customer satisfaction result directly from their uncompromising approach to customer-focused development,' stated Jaakko Hallavo, Principal Consultant at Tieto.

All online services to the same platform

In 2014, DNA had three online stores and two self-service channels. To improve customer experience, DNA wanted to provide its customers with a straightforward online service for purchasing all devices and services DNA offered, as well as for their management. The solution DNA selected for its digital business was SAP Hybris, on which they built their online services targeted at both consumer and business customers.


'The platform must be flexible. The development project was launched by a core team, in which Tieto’s specialists were closely involved from the very beginning. The members of the core team have a wide range of expertise and business competence. We also master SAP Hybris,' stated Hallavo. 'In the development work, we started off with a flexible development model, and it didn’t take more than a few months until we were able to open the first version of the new online store.'

The development project is steered by DNA’s Online Business unit. 'To bring about a digital change that truly serves the business requires not only flexible technology but also a customer-driven development model and an agile corporate culture across organisational boundaries. The best results won’t be achieved by always doing things in the same way. Our co-operation has been open, creative and business-driven.'

Co-operation that supports creativity

Our specialists work mainly on DNA’s premises. 'We get to know DNA professionals and the needs of DNA customers,' stated Hallavo. 'Together we started to brainstorm ideas about online customer encounters and to build a more customer-focused experience at different touch points.' He added, 'You can’t buy an agile development culture off the shelf, but you have to create a new way of working within the organisation, in cooperation with suppliers. This has been our common growth story, during which we have guided each other and kept learning new things. You have to react fast in the digital economy, and that is not possible with conventional management models. Our journey with DNA has been really rewarding.' Hallavo went on to explain, 'Our teamwork, which is based on openness, has been recognised several times – even internationally. We want to promote the use of flexible ways of working and methodologies more broadly within the DNA organisation. According to its values, DNA is a great place to work for its partners as well.'

The DNA online store has focused on user experience and ease of use.

Increasing sales and satisfied customers

In 2016, DNA’s results were at an all-time high. The sales in DNA’s online channel grew by almost 20 percent from the previous year. As many as 42 percent of DNA customers were extremely satisfied with the online store. The number of visitors grew as well.

'Today DNA has one online service – – from which customers can buy mobile devices and accessories, broadband subscriptions and pay-TV services. They have increased the number of product categories in their online store, and they can cross-sell.'

From the perspective of DNA’s IT environment, the architecture has been simplified, and SAP Hybris serves as a centralised layer for online services targeted at customers. In addition, the DNA Tunnus single sign-on (SSO) makes it easier to authenticate customers in DNA’s online services, which in turn enables smooth self-service.

In 2017, distinguished management consultancy Magenta Advisory ranked DNA’s digital services as the second best in the category Digital Leaders in Nordic Area. 'Our co-operation has been very positive, and the spirit amongst the core team has been good, while turnover has been low. The service development is centred around the needs of DNA customers, and the work continues,' Hallavo stated.

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