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Driving customer value and growth through specialization

The technology industry is being reshaped with cloud as the foundation. The divide between cloud-native services and software with high growth, and traditional managed services is widening.

To harness this market opportunity, Tietoevry’s strategy is driving specialization and focus. Investments will be focused on businesses where the company sees competitive advantages and sustainable growth:

• cloud-native services
• data and software engineering
• scalable software businesses,

including their global expansion potential.

In the areas of traditional managed application and infrastructure services, the company sees new partnerships as potential means to build scale and pursue joint investments.

Six specialized businesses

Tietoevry has established six specialized end-to-end businesses. These businesses have full operational responsibility, including go-to-market, service portfolio, investments and partnerships. Reflecting the distinct market dynamics of each, the individual businesses will have optionality to scale, and prioritize investments.

Tietoevry Create
Tietoevry Transform
Tietoevry Connect
Tietoevry Banking
Tietoevry Care
Tietoevry Industry

Learn more about our new businesses

Investment priorities to support scale in distinct businesses

The following investment priorities will drive competitiveness and value creation in each business:

• Invest to expand in Tietoevry Create,  Tietoevry Care and Tietoevry Banking – invest to accelerate products, services and capabilities; prioritized M&A.
• Partner to scale in  Tietoevry Transform and Tietoevry Connect – invest in capabilities to drive scale and automated managed services; seek partners (operational and structural) to jointly invest and scale.
• Focus for value in Tietoevry Industry  - optimized investments for selected businesses and develop portfolio to increase focus.

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