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Energy & Utilities

We are building a zero-carbon society by providing the digital tools and services that the energy industry and related stakeholders require to succeed in their business efforts.

Developing the digital future of energy

We provide next-generation energy industry solutions to digitilize value chain, improve customer experience, enhance business performance, improved usability, productivity and empowered customers.

This will be done by moving the critical systems of the energy industry from systems of record to systems of insight by using AI, data, and analytics. Focusing on customer experience and empowerment of consumers by using smarter, digitalized services makes our customers more competitive. At the same time, data-driven intelligent management of the energy infrastructure enables a zero-carbon energy system.

Tietoevry’s new product portfolio is based on reusable, public cloud based modules. Use cases are built by combining modules. Modules, partly co-developed with Microsoft, are the foundation of the technology and business capabilities for the energy industry. This set of modules is called Utility Core.

Jyri Kivinen

Head of Energy & Utilities, Tietoevry Industry

Your partner in developing a more sustainable future of energy

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Nordic Energy Industry Study 2022

The Tietoevry Nordic Energy Study examines the trends, challenges and focus areas of the energy industry in the Nordics. A total of 113 decision-makers and top management representatives took part in the study, a follow-up to the earlier study in 2018. Eager to know more?

Energy ECS project aims to improve the digitalization of e-mobility systems and related energy solutions

The project has a total of 30 partners from eight European countries and it is co-financed via the ECSEL Joint Undertaking of the EU Horizon 2020, national funding agencies of the participating countries, and the consortium partners.

The project is coordinated by Tietoevry and consists of 16 small and mid-sized enterprises, eight large enterprises, and six research and technology organisations from Finland, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Sweden, and Switzerland. 

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In the spotlight

Eidefoss selected Tietoevry to improve usage of data for better business performance and new business opportunities

The new energy data management solution

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St1 Lähienergia Oy establishes virtual power plant with Tietoevry solution

Distributed Energy Solution enables participation in the energy reserve market and creates new income streams.

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The results of Nordic Energy Industry Study 2022

A total of 113 decision-makers and top management representatives took part in the study. What did they highlight?

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Own a car, save the planet

Electric vehicles help achieve the goal – but they might have a much bigger impact. How could that happen?

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Energy company KSAT in Finland chooses Tietoevry Network Information System (NIS)

The solution improves the efficiency of the company’s operations by digitising key processes and enables real-time use of information.

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