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Webinar: Get Ready for Workday 2023R1 & User Community Meeting

Do you want to take full advantage of Workday 2023 Release 1? Tietoevry Workday experts will help you understand Workday´s latest capabilities and adopt new features better - free of charge.

15 - 16.2.2023, Online
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For our 10th Workday release event, we have prepared a special networking opportunity for all Nordic Workday users (and potential users). In addition, to the virtual webinar which you can join regardless of the physical location, we welcome you to watch the webinar on the 15th of February from our offices, followed by a Digital HR Insights Community networking meeting.

The next Workday release is coming in March, so now is the right time to start your preparation. To make it as easy as possible, Tietoevry Workday Adaptive Planning, Financial and Human Capital Management experts will walk you through the new features, demonstrate when applicable and share tips for the setup. Do not miss a chance to join engaging sessions and get your questions covered by our experienced consultants.

The scope of each presentation will cover the most relevant features of Workday 2023 Release 1. For your maximum advantage, the presentation material will be available in the form of pdf handouts already during the sessions.

This year we want to welcome you to Tietoevry offices (Espoo, Solna, Fornebu) on the 15th of February for a great networking opportunity with other like-minded HR technology professionals. Under the label of our Digital HR Insights Community, we invite you for a Workday user networking meeting to informally connect, share experiences and discuss with other Workday customers and prospective customers face-to-face.

For your best convenience, we offer you to join us already in the morning to watch the webinar on our premises together (coffee and tea refreshments included, lunch is available at your own cost) OR you can join us in the office right before the start of the Digital HR Insights Community – Workday user meeting at 15:00 EET (Finland), 14:00 CET (Sweden, Norway).

Please note the second day of the webinar will be fully online.

Participation fee: free of charge
When: 15th and 16th of February (registration deadline 13th of February)
Where: 15th online & on-site, 16th online 
On-site Addresses: 
Finland – Keilalahdentie 2-4, FI-02101 Espoo
Sweden – Gustav III:s Boulevard 130, 169 74 Solna
Norway – Snarøyveien 30, NO-1360 Fornebu

This event is intended for Workday existing and potential users. Please note that we reserve a right to cancel any registrations without legitimate identity proof (not limited to registrations with false information or private email address), registrations of the Workday partner experts etc. The agenda and presenters are preliminary and may be subject to change. The event agenda shows a preliminary presentation schedule and timing in the Eastern European Time (EET) zone.

Agenda Wednesday 15.02.

09:00–09:05 (EET)
09:05–09:30 (EET)
Workday Community Highlights

Juha Tuomi, Senior Customer Success Manager, Workday

09:30–09:40 (EET)
09:40–11:10 (EET)
HCM Core

Elin Damm Johansson, Functional Consultant, Tietoevry

11:10–12:00 (EET)
Cross Application Services

Heena Ruparel, Functional Consultant, Tietoevry

12:00–13:00 (EET)
Lunch Break
13:00–13.45 (EET)

Viivi Kaikkonen​, Functional Consultant, Tietoevry

13:45–14:15 (EET)
Talent Management

Leszek Seifert, Lead Functional Consultant, Tietoevry 

14:15–14:30 (EET)
14:30–15:00 (EET)

Kinga Strzebońska​, Functional Consultant, Tietoevry

15:00–17:00 (EET)
(On-site, Nordic HQ's) Digital HR Insights Community – Workday user meeting

Networking meeting to share experiences and connect with other Workday customers and prospective customers face-to-face informally. 

Agenda Thursday 16.02.

09:00–09:50 (EET)
Compensation & Advanced Compensation

Anthony Castan, Lead Functional Consultant, Tietoevry

09:50–10:20 (EET)

Juhana Vaurio,Lead Functional Consultant, Tietoevry

10.20–10:30 (EET)
10:30–10:50 (EET)

Sami Soimio​, Lead Functional Consultant​, Tietoevry

10:50–11:50 (EET)

Malay, Lead Technical Consultant, Tietoevry

11:50–12:15 (EET)
Workday Adaptive Planning

Olga Korne, Functional Consultant, Tietoevry

12:15–13:00 (EET)
Workday Finance & Expenses

Laura Liepa, Functional Consultant, Tietoevry

13:00 (EET)
End of Webinar

Get to know our speakers

Elin Damm Johansson
Functional Consultant & Event Organizer, Tietoevry
Consultant with educational background in IT and Marketing. When consulting, Elin is focused at listening to her customers and transforming their needs into technical solutions. Certified in Workday HCM Core & Workday People Experience.
Heena Ruparel
Functional Consultant, Tietoevry
Consultant with over 8 years of HRIS experience. Certification: Workday HCM Core.
Viivi Kaikkonen
Functional Consultant, Tietoevry
HCM functional consultant with 3+ years of professional experience in the HR area. Certified within Workday HCM Core.
Leszek Seifert
Lead Functional Consultant, Tietoevry
More than 4 years experience at Tietoevry as HCM Consultant. Certified within Workday HCM Core, ​​ Workday Talent and Performance​​, Workday Launch​​, Peakon Manager ​​& Peakon HR Professional​.
Kinga Strzebońska
Functional Consultant, Tietoevry
More than 4 years of experience in diverse Workday modules, especially in payroll. Certified in Peakon and Workday HCM Core.
Anthony Castan
Lead Functional Consultant, Tietoevry
Compensation-focused consultant with 8+ years experience in area of compensation. Certified in Workday compensation, Workday Advanced compensation, Workday Benefits, Workday HCM Core, Workday Medium Enterprise HCM and Workday Engagement Management.
Juhana Vaurio
Lead Functional Consultant, Tietoevry
5 years of experience with leading roles in global Workday deployment projects. Especially focused on Absence, Time Tracking, and Data Conversion. Certifications: Workday HCM Core, Workday Absence, Workday Time Tracking, Workday Launch, Workday Projects, Workday Project Manager.
Sami Soimio
Lead Functional Consultant, Tietoevry
More than 7 years experience as lead HCM consultant at Tietoevry. Certified in Workday HCM Core, Workday Learning ​& Workday Launch .
Lead Technical Consultant, Tietoevry
7 years of experience with Workday HCM implementation and application management projects with technical skills to support the versatile integration requirements. Certifications: Workday Integration, Workday HCM Core, Workday Studio, Workday Launch.
Olga Korne
Functional Consultant, Tietoevry
Several years of professional experience in Finance. Olga´s consultancy focus is in Financial systems and planning. Certifications: Adaptive Insights Planning First Certification, Workday Finance.
Laura Liepa
Functional Consultant, Tietoevry
Finance and planning focused consultant with over 10 years of experience in finance. Certifications: Workday Contracts to Cash, Workday Adaptive Insights Platform, Workday Pre-Sales.
Minttu Lemola
Event Manager & Solution Consultant, Tietoevry
In charge of organizing the webinar together with event team. Whenever you have any questions regarding the webinar in February, kindly contact Minttu at minttu.lemola
Kristýna Zvelebilová
Functional Consultant, Tietoevry
Workday functional consultant with several years of experience in HCM Projects and Services. Hosting our Workday release events since 2018. Certifications: Workday HCM Core, Workday Talent and Performance Management, Workday Launch
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