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On-demand event: Navigate the data sovereignty maze – from cloud first to cloud smart

Gaia-X, CLOUD Act, and Schrems-II are hitting organizations at rapid speed. What do they mean for your business and how can you prepare for them?

28.10 - 31.12.2021 / On-demand, Online
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New regulations are hitting all organizations at a rapid speed. However, how to apply and be compliant with the new regulation is still a struggle for many organisations.

In the livecast, we provide answers to your digital transformation questions, including:

  • What are the key things you should know about Gaia-X, Schrems-II, and CLOUD Act?

  • What is data sovereignty, and why is it critical to data protection?

  • What are Nordic customers’ concerns and approaches in the new regulations?

  • How can sovereign cloud bring value in this maze of regulatory compliance?

We present how different industries across Nordics are addressing the regulatory challenges and bring experts to bust the myths around the regulation and best practices.

You can see the full agenda and speaker introductions below.

To see the event recording on-demand, please use the form on the bottom of the page. 



by Alberto Valero, Head of Private Cloud and Edge Services, TietoEVRY

Keynote: Regulatory framework around sovereign cloud from the European Commission’s perspective

by Salla Saastamoinen, Acting Director-General of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers

A high-level overview of the data protection policies, including a general overview on the data and cloud regulatory framework

Introduction to Gaia-X: what is it and why is it necessary?

by Francesco Bonfiglio, Chief Executive Officer, Gaia-X

Panel: What kind of experiences different organizations have regarding the new regulation (Schrems II, Gaia-X, Cloud Act, GDPR)

by Alberto Valero (moderator) and

Petteri Miinalainen, CIO, Fennia

Taito von Konow, Special advisor, Finnish Tax Agency

Jörgen Sandström, Chief Digital Officer, City of Västerås

Maria Rautavirta, Director of Data Business Unit, Finnish Ministry of Transport & Communications

Nancy Yue Liu, Data Protection Officer, Diakonhjemmet


Practical guide to sovereign cloud today

by Patrick Verhoeven, Director, Multi-cloud Strategists, VMware and

Yulia Filipovich, Lead Compliance Manager, TietoEVRY

Q&A and closing


Salla Saastamoinen
Acting Director-General
Ms Saastamoinen is currently Acting Director General in Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers at the European Commission. The Directorate-General’s policy areas cover civil and commercial justice, criminal justice, fundamental rights and rule of law, equality and Union citizenship.
Francesco Bonfiglio
Chief Executive Officer, Gaia-X
Francesco Bonfiglio joined GAIA-X in March 2021 as the new CEO. Gaia-X brings together companies, associations, and research institutions to create a trustworthy digital ecosystem.
Petteri Miinalainen
Chief Information Officer, Fennia
Petteri Miinalainen joins the panel discussion to share Fennia's experiences in cloud transformation and its challenges related to Schrems II. Fennia Group provides risk management and insurance services for enterprises, entrepreneurs and private households, and flexible client financing solutions.
Maria Rautavirta
Director, Ministry of Transport and Communications
Ms Maria Rautavirta is Director of Data Business Unit at the Ministry of Transport and Communications Finland. In EU level Maria has fostered policy measures towards human-centric, thriving and balanced data economy.
Jörgen Sandström
Chief Digital Officer, City of Västerås
Jörgen Sandström joins the panel to share his experiences on the topic from City of Västerås's point of view.
Nancy Yue Liu
Data Protection Officer, Diakonhjemmet Group
Nancy Yue Liu joins the panel to share the experiences of data transfer in health and education sectors and its challenges related to Schrems II. Det norske Diakonhjem (Diakonhjemmet) is an independent foundation promote range of services within education, health and care.
Taito von Konow
Senior specialist, Finnish Tax Administration
Taito von Konow is an expert in tax-related data protection and confidentiality issues. He joins the panel to share his experiences at the Tax Administration and on how they as a public authority have been able to utilize different technologies.
Patrick Verhoeven
Director, Multi-cloud Strategists, VMware
Patrick helps organizations to accelerate growth with multi-cloud, modern apps, networking, security, and digital workspace solutions. He has over 20 years of IT experience in the managed and cloud services industry in product management and business development roles.
Yulia Filipovich
Lead Compliance Manager, TietoEVRY
Yulia works with PCI DSS Compliance architecture. She has over 10 years of experience in Payment Systems with significant contributions to certifications with Visa, MasterCard, and China Union Pay.
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