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Demystifying Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a requirement for digital trust. You have to place trust in many different actors before you have the product in your hands: the seller, its website and data security, the payment provider, the network operators, and the logistics provider. It's high time to demystify cybersecurity.

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Why is cybersecurity awareness important?

Technological evolution requires better security awareness and new ways of thinking. Too often, technology is considered to be either the problem or the solution. To be successful in cybersecurity, we need to balance the two: technology and humans. We cannot depend on either alone; the humans who use it are also crucial.

Our Cybersecurity guidebook strives to raise cybersecurity awareness.

Cybersecurity awareness

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How do you think the cyber attackers spot you on the internet?

Watch this video to take measures to manage cyber threats.

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Cyber-criminals attack like an invisible burglar!

You need to be on high alert at all times to identify and prevent cyber-attacks.

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What to do when under cyber attack?

They find the cracks in your system without you knowing.

Get up to speed on Cybersecurity

The core task of cybersecurity is to:

  • ensure business continuity
  • protect data and systems that store
  • and handle it.

Why? Because the most common result of a breach is losing data. It’s either destroyed or stolen. Every organization should follow a defense in depth strategy to protect information. The strategy is also often called the onion approach. Dive deeper and learn it today.

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Cybersecurity awareness: Onion chart of cybersecurity

Expert insights

Security awareness blog

Security awareness to resist social engineering

Today's cyber threat landscape is dynamic, and together with technological development, changes are taking place so quickly that it is difficult to keep up.

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Cybersecurity in 2022

Cybersecurity in 2022: Lift the lid off the can of worms

When a cyberattack is starting, there is a small window when it is possible to minimise its impact and damage. But to take advantage of this window, one needs to be prepared.

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10 things you need to do to prevent cyber attacks

Cyber criminals are becoming more and more sophisticated, but so too are ethical hackers, who can help you to close down vulnerabilities before criminals exploit them.

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To get a good grip on cybersecurity, you need two things: visibility to your company’s assets, so you know what must be protected; and simplicity, so you won’t neglect security because it feels difficult.

Take action

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What are the most important steps towards protecting your business?

Assess your risk of cyber-attack. No one is safe!

Watch videos with Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish subtitles

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How do you keep your information safe during post pandemic period?

Trust no one, verify all!

Stay safe and secure from threats

We provide services that safeguard your digital assets - both in daily operations, and through the transformation of business, while helping you align your capabilities to regulatory requirements.

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