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Are you ready for some Good Code?

Coding is not only a profession, it’s a hobby, lifestyle and above all; a community. Coding is also an art form (or at least good code is), and as any other art form, you strive for perfecting your expression. Let your expression serve humanity. Let it be Good Code. Join us and express yourself.

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We believe in Good Code

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Speaking of Good Code. Did you know?

  • We are #1 in Healthcare in the Nordics for IT, software and digitalization services
  • We serve 97%+ of all municipalities in the Nordics
  • Our goal is to have a gender balanced workforce by 2030
  • We monitor 300,000 transactions for financial crime every hour
  • We are 24,000 professionals serving customers in over 90 countries

Why choose us?

Experience local speed & global muscles

We have the muscles powering large scale engagements, but with speed and specialisation needed for surgical solutions on a local level. This gives you a dynamic work environment with new experiences in every step of your journey.

Develop through learning communities

One key element of our Keep Learning culture is social learning, which allows us to learn from each other and grow together. That's why we have the Learning Communities. They represent the competence areas in which we need to collaborate and learn new skills.

Make an actual impact on society

We create the solutions that have an actual impact on how society functions by enabling technology to include and empower every citizen. While we might not be saving the world, we are making a better one – and you can as well.

Meet our people


When I started coding it was like diving into a bottomless sea. “There is no way I can learn everything,” I thought to myself. There is always a new opportunity to deepen your knowledge around the corner – whether it’s a new coding language, framework, or technology. For many coders, me included, I think that’s part of the charm!

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“In the short time I have worked in TietoEVRY, there has been a lot of development within the company. There is room to find out who you want to be or what your area of expertise should be. You get backing to go the way you want, but you must take the steps yourself!”

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''I never gave much thought to my communication, ability to work in a team, or leadership skills. I thought a technical role should focus on the technical stuff, and that soft skills were secondary.

Fast forward to today – three years and eight teams later – and I can say that I was wrong.''

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Good Code for the sake of

Our next generation

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Tietoevry supplies schools with solutions that are reliable and secure, simplifying everyday working life. We enable guardians and students to stay informed and have regular touchpoints with the school, allowing teachers to focus on what matters – bringing first-class learning. That's Good Code.

Traffic safety

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The City of Tampere and Tietoevry implemented a pilot solution to improve pedestrian traffic safety. The solution can automatically detect when a pedestrian is planning to cross the street at an intersection. Advanced AI, IoT and V2X communications enable alerting approaching cars. That's good code.

Preventing financial crime

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We deliver a powerful and multi-tenant machine-learning platform that monitors real-time transactions across all payment channels. This gives our customers an unparalleled advantage in the fight against financial crime. 300 000 transactions monitored for financial crime every hour. That's Good Code.

Step 1. Your area(s) of interest?

Not a fan of applying to jobs? Let us do the work for you! Putting together job applications probably ranks as one of the most energy draining activities around. And since we continuesly are looking for several hundreds of programmers globally we thought we would spare you the admin of applying to them all, using three simple steps. That' Good Code. And look, you are already on Step 1. 

Good Code is needed in many different areas. Decide which areas speak to you?

Cyber Security at Tietoevry

In the digital age of the 21st century, one of the biggest opportunities for organizations is the digitalization of operations, deliveries and business models. Unfortunately, this opens them up to the risk of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats and attacks. Governments and industry organizations are doing their best to keep legislation and standards on par with development, which consequently changes the circumstances in which a cybersecurity organization operates.

The challenge of managing cybersecurity in a context where everything is constantly changing, while at the same time finding qualified personnel to do it, can sometimes appear overwhelming. This is why 36% of cybersecurity leaders choose to partner with an MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider). By doing so, our customers can fast-track their way to realizing cybersecurity strategy, improve security visibility, enhance response capability, and future-proof their organization. And here is where we need you to join our team of talented cyber security professionals.

Areas you could be working in

  • Unified Identities and Accesses. Help our customers manage the full identity lifecycle of their employees and customers to ensure the smooth and secure flow of their business.
  • Comprehensive Security Controls. Help our customers taking control of their cybersecurity with services based on the needs of their business.
  • Agile Security Operations. 24/7 managed threat detection, investigation, rapid response and with remedial action

PSST! Interesting area? Make a mental note and add it to your wishlist when applying! Discover and add more areas or move on to Step 2 where you'll decide which team(s) you'd like to work with. Happy hunting! 

Data Engineering at Tietoevry

The world is constantly changing, and data-driven organizations that can harness and govern data in their ecosystems hold an edge over the competition. This will in turn allow organizations to innovate and develop new capabilities based on their business needs.

To turn the diverse and complex data in our customer's business ecosystem into a decision-making asset, we help our customers to fast-track their digital transformation journey. Our data management and advanced analytics experts help our customers transform existing data landscapes into a modernized, lean, agile and future-ready ecosystem.

Areas you could be working in

  • Modernization of data & analytics landscape. We help our customers make the quantum leap from legacy reporting to a future-ready and agile data & analytics ecosystem. We help to plan and execute outcome-focused data and analytics modernization journey and design the fit-for-purpose data landscape, consisting of data platforms, data lakes and warehouses with right ETL tools to support businesses. With us, you can combine the best technology available with an optimal mix of cloud and on-premise capabilities.

PSST! Interesting area? Make a mental note and add it to your wishlist when applying! Discover and add more areas or move on to Step 2 where you'll decide which team(s) you'd like to work with. 

Data Science at Tietoevry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data are by far the most disruptive forces for industrial transformations. We offer AI accelerators and solutions with immediate impact to our customers' businesses, scaling AI across their enterprises to unleash digital advantage and full potential.

Furthermore, we are committed to ethical use and development of AI. We create responsible AI that is transparent to users and customers, embeds privacy, fairness, and builds trust.

Areas you could be working in

  • AI strategy advisory. We enable our customers in getting to full speed with artificial intelligence based solutions. Based on the customer needs we offer AI and data science use case identification and prioritization, advisory consultation for AI strategy development and road mapping as well as business case identification for your AI transformation.
  • Proof of value accelerators. We are committed to create value for our customers with Artificial Intelligence. We help our customers with data maturity assessment against identified use cases, AI prototype development and road maps to deploy prototypes to business processes.
  • AI continuous services. We excel in AI service deployment to business processes. We offer senior AI consultancy as well as a machine learning model management framework and process design.
  • Data insight & analytics on Public Cloud platforms. Make the best of Public Cloud data platforms like Azure and AWS. We help our customers get on top of advanced capabilities such as data lakes, advanced statistical techniques, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our standardized data platform services help shorten the ramp-up time of future architecture and services.

PSST! Interesting area? Make a mental note and add it to your wishlist when applying! Discover and add more areas or move on to Step 2 where you'll decide which team(s) you'd like to work with. Happy hunting!

DevOps at Tietoevry

Our DevOps approach is all about realizing the business value of new features faster, by enabling automated builds, testing and deployments, as well as enabling innovation across applications. With us, our customers get the best insights, coaching and skilled colleagues needed to achieve predictable outcomes and the best efficiencies for their business.

While agile mostly focuses on design and development, DevOps encompasses the whole life-cycle of the application - from idea to production and continued development. We integrate Development and Operations (DevOps) and agile to ensure productivity, collaboration and to avoid disruptions to our customers' businesses.

Areas you could be working in

  • Tietoevry DevOps Space. Is a pay-per-use toolbox that gives project and development teams the opportunity to choose among world-class tools and tool integration, plus components to support your development value chain.
  • Atlassian applications. Accelerate the realization of tangible benefits: improved time to market, quality and great collaboration. Our highly specialized IT solutions and services complemented by a strong technology platform provide our local and global customers tangible business benefits.

This is Embedded Systems Development at Tietoevry

Internet of Things (IoT) applications are increasing at a breathtaking pace. The IoT products and platforms market is extremely competitive, with hundreds of companies offering solutions. With a choice of devices, wireless technologies and industry specific demands, IoT device and IoT platform vendors often struggle to scale their solutions and competencies.

We are the product development expert with embedded, wireless, networking, IoT platform and cloud technology expertise. We help our customers build efficient, maintainable and productised IoT solutions and platforms for you and your customers.

Areas you could be working with:

  • IoT device development. We work with embedded software on multiple hardware to build feature-rich, wireless devices that are not only optimised for power and performance, but can be operated on small batteries and upgraded over the air.
  • Continued Improvement. We have large teams of developers improving features, fixing bugs and making sure that your products and platforms are rock solid.
  • IoT Platforms and Cloud. Whether public, private or hybrid, integrating into or developing from scratch, our experts builds or extends IoT platforms.
  • Connectivity and gateways. We specialise in edge computing and wireless connectivity both for devices and gateways. We help our customers address the technology, while also providing close-loop DevOps automation.

PSST! Interesting area? Make a mental note and add it to your wishlist when applying! Discover and add more areas or move on to Step 2 where you'll decide which team(s) you'd like to work with. Happy hunting!

Enterprise Development at Tietoevry

Our customers' business visions and strategies place a great deal of expectation on application landscapes. They seek the ability to react quickly to changing business and customer needs. Operational efficiency is a must, both in ICT operations and business processes, as business growth and innovations require agile development and new digital services.

Effective digitalization in business means enabling and introducing completely new ways of working. These place a lot of demands on your ERP. How can you reap the benefits of a postmodern enterprise while focusing on business transformation and agile innovation?

  • SAP. We help our customers achieve compact SAP core, put their data intelligence in place and efficiently automate their SAP environment. With our help, our customers will be able to unlock and harness the value of data with top-notch data management while maintaining data quality to the highest standards so that their business operations run as a truly intelligent enterprise.
  • IFS Applications. We help our customers to succeed with IFS Applications™, operate and support IFS Applications efficiently, and manage the entire application lifecycle. Our full-stack IFS services enable the cost-efficient and reliable running of  IFS Applications™, lifecycle management, and user support services. The volume of our Nordic customers, industrial focus, and our value-adding capabilities such as integrations, intelligent automation, AI and analytics, position us as one of the leading IFS Applications™ partners in the Nordics.
  • Microsoft. We help companies choose the best solutions from Microsoft's cloud ecosystem and keep development and change initiatives under control. Our experts advise on architecture renewal, to optimally deliver enhanced digital services and great user experience. In the cloud, the newest CRM and ERP features are always available as development cycles accelerate. Standard Dynamics 365 processes also enable quick time-to-market benefits.
  • Oracle. Oracle solutions are the heart of our customers' business. To make sure it keeps beating, we have designed consultancy services and delivery models that can be tailored to your business to create real value. We use our industry-leading expertise to accelerate business transformation. Working across a range of industries has allowed us to foster a real understanding of people, business and technology.
  • Workday. We partner with Workday to provide our customers with a single system to manage your finances and HR processes. Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) allows to easily plan, recruit and retain talent, as well as to provide the right training and support to engage employees and help them grow. Data visibility and accessibility in Workday enable managers and employees to take more active role in HR-related processes. Such transparency helps to improve the employee experience and company efficiency.
  • Salesforce. We help our customers harness the power of Salesforce to take customer acquisition and engagement to a whole new level. We combine our Salesforce-specific expertise with business and service design, process optimization and change management insights to make this happen.
  • Human Capital Management (HCM). We guide our customers through HR digitalization journey, thanks to a dedicated team of certified experts with HR background and broad experience across international set-ups. Our end-to-end services reach from product selection and implementation through to post-go-live services and development.
  • Customer Relationship Mangement (CRM). At TietoEVRY, we are able to jump in at any stage. Our highly skilled professionals guide our customers through the creation of CRM strategy or optimizing sales, customer service and marketing processes. We can help to design and implement a world-class CRM system and take our customers through the requirements definition process.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Our full-stack services cover advisory, custom development and integration services, as well as implementation projects, continuous application management and operations, and cloud and infrastructure services. All of this ensures end-to-end efficiency and the success of ERP solution across its full-life cycle.

PSST! Interesting area? Make a mental note and add it to your wishlist when applying! Discover and add more areas or move on to Step 2 where you'll decide which team(s) you'd like to work with. Happy hunting!

Integration & API Development at Tietoevry

Being able to react to market needs and create new business opportunities is the key to success. We help in transforming integration strategy and architecture to better adapt to business needs.

With our integration and API Management services, our customers get smooth data flows with their suppliers, customers, regulatory authorities and other partners. Making business run like clockwork.

We help our customers in getting ready to become a business ecosystem leader and accelerate their growth. Whether it’s on-premise, hybrid or in the cloud, we provide help all the way.

Areas you could be working with

  • API and integration advisory services. Our experts support in landscape assessment, creating integration strategy and architecture, the facilitation of API vision and the benefits for the business and IT, as well as design, implementation and operation.
  • API lifecycle management. Our full-stack integration and API management services cover all integrations and API needs, to ensure business-driven, agile and systematic design, development and support - from API ideation until API decommission. We also help to the maximum leverage from APIs, build API Management services, supporting our customers to productized APIs.
  • Integration platform as a service. Seamless API management and integration is increasingly critical in today’s networked economy. Therefore, we’ve jointly developed a modern API-driven integration platform with WSO2, which is topped with our full-stack integration services to reduce integration costs and increase agility. This creates a foundation for efficient integration operations and the monetization of our customers' ecosystem.

PSST! Interesting area? Make a mental note and add it to your wishlist when applying! Discover and add more areas or move on to Step 2 where you'll decide which team(s) you'd like to work with. Happy hunting!

Test Automation at Tietoevry

Testing is an essential part of software development – neglecting it or underestimating its value can, in the worst-case scenario, lead to fatal consequences. Our comprehensive testing services and deep cross-industry knowledge, support any unique testing needs. We provide our customers with a dream team consisting of our certified testing professionals with an optimal mix of local, near-shore and offshore resources. Our customers get to leverage the latest testing tools, technologies and test automation frameworks.

  • Testing and test management. We help with all testing-related needs - big or small. Whether help is needed in test planning, test strategy, test management and leadership, test design and execution, test reporting or user acceptance testing, our experts are there for our customers. 
  • Test automation. The need for test automation increases as agility and DevOps way of working become a more and more integral part of modern software development. We help in finding an optimal test automation journey and the right tools when building and extending test automation in the DevOps ecosystem.
  • Testing advisory services. Unique projects have unique needs. Our testing advisory services help to identify and resolve qualitative issues related to  development processes. We know how to bring best practices into projects and offer guidance in creating quality objectives and establishing a holistic testing culture throughout the organization.
  • Performance testing and engineering. We test, monitor and troubleshoot systems to ensure they run at optimum efficiency and keep customers happy even during peak times.
  • Application security testing. The importance of security testing is increasing daily – the world is changing and each day there are more threats than the day before. We offer a scalable and easy-to-use solution that works across our customers entire application portfolio and constantly assesses the risk of hackers attacking their applications. We can help in pinpointing the vulnerabilities of applications right down to the line of code and suggest how to improve them.

PSST! Interesting area? Make a mental note and add it to your wishlist when applying! Discover and add more areas or move on to Step 2 where you'll decide which team(s) you'd like to work with. Happy hunting!

Web & Mobile Application Development at Tietoevry

We live in a unique time, where digital advances and improvements seem to evolve on a daily basis. We help our customers in accelerating their digital competitiveness through our web and mobile application development services.

We work with Nordic enterprises and organisations to create unique digital services and experiences for their customers, partners and employees. Value-driven business ecosystems, smooth processes and transactions are our passion. Are you ready to get to work and help our customers achieve the ultimate digital services and new business models? We are.

PSST! Interesting area? Make a mental note and add it to your wishlist when applying! Discover and add more areas or move on to Step 2 where you'll decide which team(s) you'd like to work with. Happy hunting!

Step 2. Your teams of interest?

Good Code serves many different purposes. Explore our different teams!

Who we are

Tietoevry Create is the leading digital accelerator for innovation and sustainable value creation. We combine business design with software engineering to bring digital business to life. 

With our combination of local presence and global scale of operations our customers reap the benefits of agility and speed.

What we do

Accelerates customer’s digital agenda with global design, cloud, data and software engineering capabilities

  • Custom Software Development 
  • Business & Technology Consulting. Providing management consulting advisory services aimed at maximizing value for our customers digital transformation journeys.
  • Customer Experience. We take our clients from channel to human-centric services by re-imagining customer engagements
  • Business Applications. We create value advising how our deep knowledge of agile SW development and ERP technologies as well as next generation automation services will help our customers to succeed in their business- and IT transformation journey.
  • Cloud, Data & Insights. We combine our deep industry knowledge and insights with the latest technology partners to advise and guide our customers in the areas of Cloud, Data Management, BI/analytics, Integration & API Management and Enterprise content management (ECM).

Who we are

Our 4000 experts help our 250+ clients manage and integrate their ICT environments while driving transformation towards a cloud-first world. With over 83,000+ virtual servers, 75,000+ mainframe MIPS and about 250 remotely managed Private Clouds we are one of the worlds largest provider of managed private cloud.

What we do

Multi-cloud platform and managed services ensuring resilience, security and compliance for customers business

  • Public Cloud and Application Operations. Such as Cloud Advisory & Design, Discovery & assessment, Cloud migration, SAP on public cloud, Managed cloud, Multi-cloud management and Application operations
  • Hybrid, Private Cloud and Edge Services. Such as Infrastructure Consulting, Integrated AIOps, Secured Traditional platforms, Secured Hybrid cloud platforms, Secured Edge platforms and Secured Business continuity
  • End user services. Such as User Centric Workspace, Social Collaboration, Smart Office and Personalized Support
  • Cyber Security services. Such as Security Advisory & Assurance, Threat & vulnerability management, Security Operations Center (SOC), Point solutions (e.g. endpoint security, content protection, ...), Identity & Access Management and Application security testing
  • SIAM Services. Such as Service integration, SIAM Tool Solutions, Service Management Transformation and Advisory and Service management
  • Common value added services. Such as Modernization Advisory, Project & DevOps services, Transition projects, Transformation and Integration

Last but not least. To listen is important, but to act is crucial. Here is how Tietoevry Connect drives growth through customer centricity. Join the team behind it. 


Who we are

The financial sector is changing fast, with new regulations, entrants and technology creating both exciting opportunities and very real challenges. With our 3000 software experts we have the largest pool of banking and financial IT in the Nordics. This is a journey you don't want to miss.

What we do

Scalable Banking-as-a-Service and leading software products to drive digital transformation and efficiency for financial institutions

Banking as a service. Cost effective, end-to-end provision of retail and commercial banking services from channels to BPO including TietoEVRY software and selective 3rd party components.

Cards as a service. Cost effective vertical provision of ATM, cards issuing and acquiring services including BPO.

Payments. A real-time payments platform provider for banks, payment processors an central infrastructure entities, delivering payment hub, issuing, acquiring and clearing solutions as well value added services. Market leading all-in-one cash management solution via virtual and shadow accounts.

Credit. Complete modular end-to-end lending platform handling any type of credits for both retail and corporate customers (Challenger, Small-Medium and Tier 1) with a focus on automating the full credit life-cycle in the Nordics, and also scalable to other geographies

Financial Crime Prevention. Reduce TCO of financial crime prevention utilizing advanced analytics capabilities leveraging know-how from cards, ATM, transaction monitoring and fraud management as well as seamless integration with security and authentication for KYC & AML checks

Customer Experience. We deliver business value by enriching cross-cutting Financial Services and customer engagement capabilities for users in serviced, self-serviced and open channels enabling in superior customer-centric user experience and improved business outcome.

Who we are

Tietoevry Care is modernizing the Nordic health and social care sector with modular, open, and interoperable software. We put citizens and patients at the center, simplifying everyday life for all, and providing the tools required to transition towards increased self-and preventive care and lower cost-of-care settings. ​

Our solutions are designed for people, creating world-class user experiences, enabling collaboration between health & care professionals, citizens, patients and colleagues, and enhancing the quality of work and job satisfaction. We make health and care more efficient, consistent, and accurate by streamlining care pathways with process support, automation and data-driven and AI-assisted tools.​

What we do

Modular and interoperable software re-inventing Nordic health and social care for enhanced care personnel and citizen experience

  • Healthcare. Smart services and solutions enable better care, improved safety, and reduce administration.
  • Welfare. Improve outcomes for your patients, with welfare services that maximise digital solutions and lead to better care.
  • Data & AI. Shifting focus from reactive treatment of symptoms to proactive, targeted preventative care.
  • Consulting. Successful and sustainable implementation for quality and security

Who we are

From more efficient knowledge sharing and better collaboration to improved education and citizen services for our young and old, we make everyday life easier - for everyone. However, while digitalization offers numerous opportunities, it also requires a great deal of support. Our 3600 software professionals develops solutions reshaping Nordic care and citizen services in more than 100 countries.

What we do

Industry specific software, data and integration services digitalizing core processes for public sector, pulp & paper, and utilities segments. 

  • Public. Regardless of where you work or what you do, we’re all going digital, and the public sector is no exception. In fact, it might be the most important sector, as we citizens can tap into services faster and more easily access shared information. Going digital for the public sector means many things, but most of all it means freeing up time. Digitalization will help remove the barriers that consumes time and energy so that the employees in public sector can spend more time getting to know its citizens and keep on doing what they do best – guide us, teach us, and care for us.
  • Industrial & Forest. Forests are the future. The drive towards a more sustainable, bio-based economy means that this traditional industry now must be at the forefront of innovation. Adapting to this new market requires forest, pulp, paper and fibre companies to rethink and optimize their operations and processes, while creating new products, services and revenue streams. With more than 50 years of experience in this sector, we can help our customers rethink, modernize and optimize operational efficiency, resulting in increased productivity and innovation throughout the value chain.
  • Energy. Global economic growth is driving the need for more electricity. At the same time, strict requirements for lower emissions are becoming the norm. In an increasingly electrified society, the energy sector has a heavy responsibility to transform itself and become smart and connected. TietoEVRY offers you a full range of services that are tailored to the markets of today and tomorrow. Our long experience makes us well placed to help you choose the right solutions to rationalise and digitalise both your businesses and your value chains.

Who we are

Tietoevry Transform drives enterprise-wide transformation across customers’ business processes, applications and infrastructure.

Powered by data and automation, we work closely with our customers to create business-centric and future-ready IT. Through supporting business processes with modernized applications and infrastructure, we empower customers with efficiency and agility to transform the way they do business.

Combining cultural and local presence with global scale and capabilities, we ensure all the resources required when scaling an exciting idea to an operational advantage.

What we do

Tietoevry Transform is the number one choice for digital transformation, providing the following services.

  • Next-generation services
  • Digital core renewal
  • Data, AI & Analytics
  • Intelligent automation
  • Application development and management
  • DevOps and agile services.

Step 3. What's you next move?


We're happy you feel energized with what you've learnt so far. You are just a few clicks away from entering a journey of endless opportunities. With only one application we'll start the process of matching you towards all relevant software developer opportunities. Give it a try. 

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