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IDC Nordic Cloud Survey 2020

IDC’s recent cloud survey reveals that multi-cloud is becoming the digital backbone for Nordic organizations

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IDC Cloud Survey 2020 reveals the state of Nordic cloud transformation

The survey indicates that multi-cloud solutions have become the digital infrastructure of Nordic businesses. Today, most Nordic companies are using multi-cloud solutions as an organizational strategy or architectural approach. Under this design, complex digital services utilize cloud services from multiple cloud service providers.

Private cloud solutions are rising. Hardware and software are now enabling users to include private clouds on-premise and in colocation to integrate services with the multi-cloud environment and make them more manageable. The growing interest in private cloud solutions also explains a larger than expected Nordic focus on hyper-local cloud solutions – edge computing.

The differences between the four Nordic markets have become more visible and more important for vendors to consider. Swedish and Finnish markets, which are dominated by manufacturing, are significantly more interested in private clouds and the next steps in cloud transformation. The interest is closely related to Industry 4.0 technologies like IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), robotics, and AI.

Security and compliance risks are considered to be the biggest challenges in executing cloud transformation by Nordic organizations. The ongoing discussion on data residency across all four Nordic countries is also inhibiting cloud transformation.

Download the results for more insights!

Download the survey results!

How do Nordic organizations handle cloud transformation and migration? Why are multi-cloud and private cloud solutions on the rise? Download the IDC Nordic Cloud Survey results to find out!

200 Nordic IT decision-makers shared their views on multi-cloud, automation, and strategy. Download the survey results to find out how you rank against your peers!


Increase in automation

The IDC cloud survey forecasts significant automation development in the next 24 months. Almost one in four organizations will have automated the orchestration of cloud solutions. And that number is likely to go even higher, as nearly one-third of organizations intend to leave the orchestration to third-party vendors.

There is no doubt that these vendors will use automation to manage their customers’ multi-cloud environments.

Top concerns in cloud transformation

The cross-Nordic averages reveal compliance risks (41.5%), security issues (40.5%) and a lack of resource and expertise (30%) as the top 3 challenges in executing cloud transformation. Interestingly enough, there is some variation among the countries.

Finnish respondents raise compliance risks (42%) as their highest concern, while a lack of resources and expertise (40%) and unpredictable costs (36%) were second and third, respectively.

The Swedes, on the other hand, raise inadequate governance and control as challenges almost as pressing as a lack of resources and expertise (30% of respondents).

Interest in private cloud is increasing

A growing interest in private cloud solutions points specifically towards edge computing and innovation readiness, with over 60% of organizations handling more than 25% of their workloads on private clouds.

This is not a return to on-premise computing. Rather, it is an integration of modern intelligent hardware and software in a multi-cloud environment enabling organizations to manage data on their own. This approach treats digital services and computing power as the infrastructure needed to release value from organizational data.


Multi-cloud can lead to multi-silos

Many organizations underestimate the complexity of maintaining and developing a multi-cloud environment. Multi-cloud could turn into multi-silos because data is not connected - CIOs need to take the lead.

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Ilmarinen expand use of cloud technology

A core part of Ilmarinen’s strategy is to exploit modern cloud technologies, aiming at flexible and efficient business development. By expanding cloud services they will accomplish savings, and strengthen both the digitalization of customer processes and the flexibility of service development.

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