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When UX meets CX

The importance of Customer Experience and why User Experience should be an integral part of it.

Carin Ramsin / June 27, 2022

Is the payment experience affecting the Customer Experience in total?

The customer experience (CX) is high up on many companies’ strategic agenda because it is seen as a competitive advantage, however, the efforts that you spend on ensuring your customers a better experience – will it be worth it? Will they appreciate it?

Things are not as they were, and they are rapidly continuing to change, which makes it hard to keep up and make the right decisions related to customer experience.

User experience (UX) is an integral part of CX where usability, graphic design, and accessibility are all vital parts to make the experience great. In this area, it is easy to get lost – throwing technology at a problem that definitely will not solve it. The key question to ask yourself before starting is what kind of experience do you want to deliver to your customer?

We have tried to dig into the topic of CX and UX to shed some light on some of the conflicts within this area and some ideas on how to solve them.

Read more by downloading the white paper.


Carin Ramsin
Product Manager


Carin Ramsin

Product Manager

Jing Yang

Product Owner

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