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Henri Väisänen: "Happy that a senior developer had noted my efforts"

Henri, our Graduate Program participant, has landed on a career path of dreams. The frontend developer has also had time to get to know new people, a thing they value at work.

Henri Väisänen / June 22, 2022

A massive surprise. That was the reaction of Henri Väisänen, a software developer at Tietoevry Create, when the customer manager told them the news. A customer had rated Henri’s performance excellent in a customer project.

”It was great to hear that. The best thing was that a senior developer had noted my efforts,” says Henri.

This work assignment at Tietoevry Create is the first job experience Henri has ever had. If they because of that had any suspense left, it was gone.

“Some people say that it is hardest to find the first job. I applied to Tietoevry as I had become familiar with the versatile company already through student activities at Haaga-Helia.”

Henri studied business information technology with a focus on software development, service design and UI/UX at Haaga-Helia, a business orientated university of applied sciences in Helsinki, Finland. They were selected to our Graduate Program in Autumn 2021 to work as frontend developer as well finalize thesis.

Frontend development is something Henri has fancied since they were young. They practiced designing and coding service prototypes with beautiful user interfaces.

Rewarding interaction

Henri works for a customer in the pension insurance business. The software developer is part of a team that develops a renewed web service for handling personal customer's pension services. The goal is to design a more intuitive and effective digital service resulting in excellent customer experience.

Henri has not only learned to design a navigation page and upload files but has had an opportunity to cooperate with backend developers.

“It has been rewarding to talk about the technical implementation of the service with backend developers. They have openly listened to my viewpoints.”

At the beginning of Tietoevry's Graduate Program, Henri had a whole month of induction and lots of time to practice coding.

Henri Väisänen enjoyed Tietoevry's Graduate Program trip to Riga

Henri Väisänen enjoyed Tietoevry's Graduate Program trip to Riga. They sang karaoke with Mathilda Smith.


Active free time with other employees

What does Henri value in an employer?

The answer is very straightforward: both the job with constant learning and close social relations. Already during their studying times at Haaga-Helia, Henri loved to cooperate with other people. They were an active member in Atkins, the students' association for Business Information Technology students.

Now Henri has made friends with colleagues in the Graduate Program and through Tietoevry Young Professionals. It is a network, which brings together the young minded and active people working in the company.

“Tietoevry has given us graduates a budget for organizing common program. We have, for instance, organized an event to prepare drinks with a bartender. That was fun!”

Lately, Henri joined an internal breakfast event at Tietoevry Create in Espoo to hear about one of Tietoevry’s customers and its various project opportunities.

“It is nice to learn new things and be part of developing our working culture. I was happy to hear that this kind of events will be organized also elsewhere in Finland.”

To develop as a software developer

When asked about free time hobbies, talkative Henri gets silent. Their time has gone to finishing the thesis – and to the above-mentioned social activities at our company.

What does the future behold for this young professional, who has just graduated and has a permanent job at Tietoevry?

“I want to develop as a frontend and full stack developer and work in different kind of projects to see where I fit best.”

Henri prefers to use the inclusive “they" as the singular third-person pronoun when speaking about themself.

Ready to accelerate digital innovation? Check out our open positions at Tietoevry Create!

Get to know Henri Väisänen

  • Name: Henri Väisänen
  • Job title: Software developer
  • Studies: Degree programme in Business Information Technology, Haaga-Helia, 2022
  • Loves at Tietoevry Create: Innovative design challenges and people
  • Motto: "Do or do not. There is no try. -Yoda”
Henri Väisänen
Software developer, Tietoevry Create

Henri works as a software developer in Software Engineering and are interested in frontend development creating great UI and UX experiences - together with Tietoevry Create collagues. Happy to get to know you!

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