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A humanist who hearts machines – what’s my code for success?

Before 2017, I had no clue what code was or how software was built. Then a coding bootcamp changed my working life for good.

Hennileena Calonius / March 15, 2022

Before 2017, I had no clue what code was or how software was built. I had studied linguistics and tourism management. I had worked in the tourism industry, in a non-profit foundation and as a customer manager to name a few.

Then a coding bootcamp changed my working life for good.

When I started coding it was like diving into a bottomless sea. “There is no way I can learn everything,” I thought to myself. There is always a new opportunity to deepen your knowledge around the corner – whether it’s a new coding language, framework, or technology. For many coders, me included, I think that’s part of the charm!

In my first few years at Tietoevry I worked on a public sector project where I focused mainly on frontend development but also learned how to be a scrum master – a “servant leader” who holds everything together, guides the team, and makes sure they follow agile practices. Being a scrum master gave me the opportunity to work closely with the customer and the rest of the development team.

Spinning my own web

In January 2021 I joined our low-code team and became certified with a platform called Outsystems; after that I began to create small web applications on my own and with the team.

I find developing with low code rewarding since you basically have a working version of the application with you all the time. And since Outsystems is a visual platform that uses code-generating techniques, no code writing is needed, which means that I can spend time on creating great logic, good UX design, and durable architecture.

The nature of low-code developing means that it’s fast – our team built a working mobile banking application in a matter of weeks – but it’s no silver bullet. If you’re going to build the best possible solution to meet your customer’s needs, you still need to solve the same problems that you would with a code editor.

Starting low lets me aim high

My aim for the long term is to diversify my technological skills so that I’m familiar with every aspect of the software development process. Low-code platforms provide a great foundation for developing my full-stack capabilities because I can concentrate on getting to know the full scope and life cycle of the application I’m working on, instead of getting weighed down writing lines of code.

I find it very useful that any individual member of the team can perform any task that the team is given, meaning the team as a whole is more effective and less vulnerable.

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Hennileena Calonius
Software Developer

In 2017 Hennileena attended a coding bootcamp as part of the AW Academy accelerated learning program and was recruited by Tietoevry as a software developer immediately afterwards. She holds university degrees in French philology and tourism management.

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