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Tomi Teikko Empathic Building

Tomi Teikko, Heart of Empathic Building elaborates in the podcast how Empathic Building can be used as a driver for well-being and efficiency at work.

Improving employee well-being, happiness and performance

employee experienceTieto Empathic Building is a human-centric digital service that focuses on improving employee well-being, happiness and increasing individual performance by solving end-user problems.

By automating time-consuming and non-productive tasks of communication and administration, it enables and encourages your employees to straight-forward human interaction, collaboration and co-innovation.

Bridging the gap between workspace and success

employee experienceTieto Empathic Building includes all the necessary tools for developing human-centric workspace design: It gives an instant view on, not only the physical space and supporting technology within, but also work content and issues affecting work culture.

It helps in bridging the gap between building utilization and employee satisfaction – with the selected KPI’s and data to prove it. This in turn accelerates the transformation from traditional office-based activity towards intuitive, agile and efficient activity-based working.

Tieto Empathic Building: Main benefits

Increasing productivity, well-being & happiness

Increasing performance, well-being & happiness

Improving employee & customer experience

Improving employee & customer experience

Accelerating collaboration & collision of innovations

Accelerating collaboration
& collision of innovations

Affecting company image, brand & reputation

Affecting company image, brand & reputation

Empathic Building in your Office?

My Office

With the help of IoT sensors, system integrations and data analytics, Tieto Empathic Building features a mobile and desktop application visualizing your physical space, work and the people within – in real-time. It helps your office users and visitors to choose intuitively and instantly where to work and with whom to work. In addition, it provides a real-time tool for instant feedback on issues affecting employee satisfaction. And the data to prove everything.


Find your workstation

Find your workspace

Feature: Finding the right workspace for the work at hand.

Benefit: Finding a desired space instantly, with desired equipment, settings and activity.


Find your colleagues and collaborate

Feature: Finding the right people in the building, when needed and know what they are doing or thinking to start collaboration.              

Benefit: Instant collaboration with no need to search, sync calendars, or unnecessary emails or calls.

Find your room

Find your room

Feature: Finding a room for ad-hoc meetings or concentration.                                          

Benefit: No more booking in advance – just walk in and work when room needed.

Find your atmosphere

Find your atmosphere

Feature: Finding a workspace based on air quality, noise level or people flow.

Benefit: No more freezing or sweating in unwanted noise or silence.

Share your voice

Share your voice

Feature: Expressing and hearing feedback from employees on both internal and external matters.

Benefit: A real-time SWOT tracking employee satisfaction – when it happens, as it happens.


Create service tickets

Feature: Mapping & reporting technical and sanitation issues with location data.

Benefit: Savings from scheduled routes to need-based maintenance.

 Visualizing activity

Visualizing activity

Feature: Showing maps based on activity, movement or atmosphere.

Benefit: Straight-forward visualization to identify areas of success and attention.


Visualizing data

Feature: Statistics on people, spaces and technology.                              

Benefit: Proven actual data on office utilization for optimizing space.

Empathic Building packages



Your space digital twin, 3D Model of your space layout, different areas and zones visualized, location based content management (infos, services, instructions, security)



Find free desks and know when they have been used, Find available rooms and know where they are, Find free parking place, Know your utilization rates, Navigate



Manual or real-time location sharing, Find your colleagues, Find your guests/visitors, Create and manage profile, Share your skills and wills, Share your documentation, Heat map of space usage, share your thoughts, have fun and collaborate, Notifications

Service tickets

Service tickets

Create service tickets and requests, Manage tickets and prioritize tasks, Cleaning and maintenance planner, Automatic ticket creation if things run out or gets full 

Air Quality

Air Quality

Temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, noise-levels, Choose workstation based on air quality, Act and make decisions based on data



Real-time SWOT on employee satisfaction, Identify pain points or issues affecting satisfaction, AI based filtering and reporting

Blog and news

Empathic building picture 2
26 January 2018

Does an empathic building have to be intelligent?

Bringing empathy into a new or existing building is easier than making it intelligent. Read from the latest blog post how an empathic building can boost employees’ performance and wellbeing.

Empathic building picture 1
18 December 2017

Martela chooses Tieto's intelligent and compassionate workplace solution

Martela, a Nordic company specialising in innovative workplaces, is piloting Tieto's Empathic Building workplace solution in its head offices in Helsinki and Stockholm.

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