Power of the ecosystems

We believe most customer value is created in the industry-centric ecosystems, based on customers' business needs in their business transformation.

Greater things are achieved together


Tieto develops next generation mobile network services


Tieto is joining the 5G Finland network with plans to create and pilot applications and services that are useful in the 5G world. Other ecosystem partners are Tekes, Nokia and startup community Maria 01. Read the whole ecosystem case >>>

Tieto enters Connected Industry Ecosystem

connected industry

The vision of the Connected Industry Ecosystem is to transform rapidly increasing data into creative new business, bringing radically added value to customers in the manufacturing industry. The goal is to refine new products and services out of data. Read the whole story >>>

Launching a new ecosystem of digital health innovations

The demand for digital and artificial intelligence-based health solutions is growing globally. CleverHealth Network, a new ecosystem coordinated by HUS, brings together the health technology competence of Finnish enterprises, leading experts in healthcare and high-quality health data collected by HUS. Read the whole case here >>>

Digitalizing the forestry ecosystem with help of AI& drones

Tieto and Metsä Group are taking next steps in digitalizing the forestry ecosystem and developing highly innovative services for timber trading and forestry services. The services include drone and AI based beetle alarm system and a virtual forest asset management system. Read the whole case >>>

Insurance-in-a-Box - Digital Startup platform

Tieto unveils Insurance-in-a-Box, a digital startup toolkit designed to enable insurers to embrace the latest technology trends for rapid go-to-market and growth. In less than two months, insurers can launch new Granular Insurance products with Tieto’s new solution.
More information >>>

Exploring the home of tomorrow with HSB Living Lab

Tieto Industrial Internet start-up expands its partner ecosystem by entering into an 11-year collaboration with HSB Living Lab to innovate IT solutions that enhance future living. Read more >>>

Intelligent Building - The future of more empathic buildings

Tieto Intelligent Building is a platform that aims to make every piece of real estate comfortable, convenient bringing value to everyday life - to be a place where you want to be. Read more >>>

Digital services in education with Norwegian municipalities


A collaboration group of Norwegian municipalities (Sjustjerna) has selected Tieto as its supplier of a new education solution. The solution will be used in kindergartens, pre-schools and schools. Read the whole case here >>>

Tieto and Bontouch become new strategic partners for Swish


Getswish, the company behind real-time payment solution Swish, is partnering with Tieto and Bontouch to take the next step in the development of mobile payments. The aim is to make the payment experience even easier and to develop new functions to benefit the companies, organisations and consumers. Read the whole case here >>>

New ecosystem platform for digitalized wood and fibre supply


Tieto is introducing a new Forest Hub ecosystem platform that helps wood supply business partners in their operational data transfer regarding wood logistics and mill reception processes. Tieto Forest Hub seeks to improve daily operational planning and follow-up, management of the inventories, and information quality, while also decreasing the amount of manual work required and reducing errors. Read more here >>>

Finland’s first real-time mobile payment platform


Siirto is a platform for making mobile and e-commerce payments easy and smooth in Finland. Automatia provides a Siirto platform for real-time account-to-account payments and national mobile payment receiver register. Read more about Siirto >>>


Tieto X Slush 2017 - Tomorrow's solutions, delivered today.

Thank you for joining us at Slush for demos, career opportunities, surprises and fun!

Here's some takeaways from the event by Ari Järvelä, Country Manager Finland, Tieto.

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Views and insights from our ecosystem

In our blog we’re discussing and sharing the kinds of ideas that will accelerate your business and change our society. We are welcoming our ecosystem to join us!

Slush 2017 takeaways: When slush is turning into snow

Ari J

Slush proved it again: Finland is the hotbed of innovation turning contacts to networks, ideas to business and even slush to snow. Read Ari Järvelä's insights after Slush >>>

Guest blog post: CleverHealth Network — an ultimate team...

Miikka k

The sexy media hype around healthcare big data analytics has not started to fade away, yet very few - if any - healthcare organizations have succeeded in living up to the hype. Read the whole blog by Miikka Korja, Chief Innovation Officer at HUS>>>

Start-ups and large companies seeking mutual benefit


Around 15 years ago, talk began of actively open innovation, and today more than 50 percent of Fortune 500 companies work actively together with start-ups in one way or another. Read the whole blog by Jan Ameri, ArcticStartUp >>>

What you have always wanted to ask from accelerator


We made a Q&A with Kasper Suomalainen, Head of Community at Startup Sauna, to respond some of the most often heard questions on accelerator programs, pitching and startup scene. Read the interview here >>>

How businesses can harness the huge power of ecosystems


An ecosystem is a group of companies together creating value to customers through developing and aggregating repeatable solutions. Read a blog by Jan Kyncl >>>

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