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Customers are expecting quick and easy solutions for their problems and setting a high bar for the customer service online. Customers should be served on the time that suits them best, in their chosen channel and in a way that makes them feel valued.

Digitalization is enabling us to provide more efficient solutions and methods for holistic customer care in numerous channels. We can help you to find ways to create smooth service paths for the customers and make the customer care more efficient with cost-cutting digital service solutions.

Podcast: Digital Customer Care is transforming business

What is 21st century’s digital customer service? What kind of value adding opportunities and solutions are already easily available for companies? Listen to Tieto´s podcast with Miikka Maunula, Solution Manager, Tieto and Miikka Haavisto, Chief Operating Officer, GetJenny and learn how digitalization is transforming customer service and helping companies to create more value for customers.

We work from vision to value

We help our customers in all phases of customer service development by providing consultancy, concept design, implementation and continuous services. We work from vision to value by giving advice, designing service transformation plans, customer journeys, service models and KPI's as well as building channels, tools, engines and processes.

Driving business value with right customer care solution
Saved up to 88 seconds handling time
Up to 2,3% improvement in closing, cross selling and up selling rates
We create added value for our customers' business
Metsä Group: providing service for forest owners even in the forest
Metsä Group

Metsä wanted to provide a holistic customer service and access to databases for the forest owners whenever and wherever.
Voice, email, chat, social media and co-browsing to support digital transformation of the service processes were implemented.
The service enables real-time monitoring and historical reporting of each customer. In addition integrations to CRM and case management solutions were built. 

The key benefit was accelerating customer's digitalization by quick go to market -time by providing the solution as a service.

Service centre: saving cost with customer care solution
City of Helsinki

The municipal enterprise Service Centre of the city of Helsinki consists of catering services and telephone and wellbeing services. The company receives 200 000 customer contacts on a monthly basis. The need for holistic customer care solution was high. The solution provided has eazed the workload of the employees and the they have been able to accumulate up to 54 % in HR saving. 

The structured way of handling customer service and redesigned customer service models also enhanced customer experience. Having measured the customer experience after the service transformation the result was 3,92 on scale 1 to 5. 

Effortlessness is the new black

The life of a customer is simple: things are either easy or difficult. Customers do not follow the rules set by the contact centres.

Will stage fright hold back the development of video conferencing

Customers have the power to choose the time, channel and service. Can your company keep up with the competition?

The four cornerstones for winning customer experience

What technological changes are going to impact daily customer service in the near future? How can the customer experience be improved by using the methods already used by customer service?

Genesys - omnichannel platform

Genesys, the world’s #1 Customer Experience Platform, empowers companies to create exceptional omnichannel experiences, journeys and relationships.


Build customer relationships through a complete omnichannel experience over high quality video.

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