Tieto Commerce Cloud
Cloud service for enterprise omnichannel commerce
Creating business agility and competitive advantage

Tieto Commerce Cloud is a modern e-commerce solution for both B2C and B2B businesses. It is based on microservices architecture and cloud infrastructure providing fast time-to-market, agility in development, automated scalability and optimal adaptability for future business needs.

By combining leading 3rd party API-first solutions with Tieto commerce accelerators and Amazon AWS capacity, we are able to provide holistic, flexible and modern omni-channel solution as one service, also for enterprise level customers.

Commerce cloud brings together cloud-based technologies like commercetools and Selligent that share the same architectural approach. This enables us to implement solutions in a more service-oriented and modular fashion, which are "must haves” also on the recent Forrester Wave™ B2C Commerce Suites Q1 2017 report featuring commercetools.

Commerce Cloud service components

Service components

Key business benefits

Cloud native - Scale and grow as you need

Modern cloud services provide great value. However, without holistic architectural ownership, project specific implementations can result to cost overhead through scattered architecture, unnecessary custom developed components and overlapping capabilities. With Tieto Commerce Cloud and its pre-evaluated selection of cloud services, you can pick-and choose components to provide needed capabilities for customer engagement via marketing, commerce and customer service.

Fully agile - With corporate governance alignment

Business agility is the key for growth and renewal. However, being agile only in software development is not enough. Our delivery model provides best practices also for agile governance, business planning and concept development. In addition, Tieto Commerce Cloud comes with pre-configured DevOps tools for quality assurance and fully automated zero-downtime deployments.

One service - For clear E2E responsibility

Using many cloud services can result to having vast number of different SLA’s and pricing models.  Also support responsibilities are not necessarily always crystal clear. Tieto Commerce Cloud provides one Service Level Agreement and one monthly cost for the whole solution. We also take clear end-to-end responsibility to monitor and support all the components in your system.

Value built-in - Kick start your project in weeks

One should minimize development effort on basic functionalities with low business impact. Tieto Commerce Cloud enables focusing on customer value and innovation by providing generic functionalities ready-made via commerce accelerator components. These components are also continuously developed and automatically deployed to all our customers. No more version upgrades - ever.

Customer cases
UPM Biochemicals

UPM Biochemicals targets to enhance its global market reach and business agility

UPM Biochemicals has chosen Tieto to deliver an eCommerce solution to improve its global marketing and sales through enhanced online experience. The solution is based on Tieto Commerce Cloud, a service for omni-channel marketing, sales and service, built together with the microservices-based commercetools platform. UPM Biochemicals develops innovative and sustainable wood-based biochemicals for a variety of uses. GrowDex®, the natural matrix for 3D cell culturing, is one example of them. To increase market presence globally and support business growth, UPM decided to enhance its online marketing and sales.

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