Citizen centric wellbeing

Focusing on citizens’ needs

Future services focus on the needs of the individual. Smart services and solutions enable that.

What is citizen centric wellbeing?

Healthcare and welfare sector faces great challenges – an aging population and growing citizen expectations.

Our stories

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Digital healthcare services from home - Virtual Hospital 2.0

Digitalisation will develop new forms of service for citizens and enhance healthcare. The Virtual Hospital Project created a service platform together with patients, providing information, counseling and guidance to citizens and healthcare and welfare professionals.

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Resource planning system enhances efficiency at the new Kainuu hospital

One of the most important procurements and innovations at the new hospital currently under construction in Kainuu, Finland, is its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

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Satisfied users in Espoo: “Lifecare Camera is easy to learn and quick to use”

The home care service in Espoo has had positive experiences using Lifecare Camera. Images taken at client’s home are transferred in real-time to the patient information system and, if necessary, a medical consultation can be requested immediately.

City of Espoo

The City of Espoo: a unique experiment with AI

Can Artificial Intelligence boost value-based health and social care? Tieto and City of Espoo analysed mass of data to identify new proactive means of targeting services to citizens, for example to prevent social exclusion.

New routines and smart e-services decreased the processing times in Trelleborg municipality

The Labour Market department decided to reorganize the routines related to its financial assistance services and hired Tieto to digitalize the application process. Today, a decision can be delivered as early as the day after an application has been filed.

Fredrikstad Municipality

The right care at the right time in Fredrikstad municipality

Increased digitalisation is enabling more care services to be moved into the homes of individual citizens. Fredrikstad is one of the municipalities focusing on digital tools that are giving elderly people the opportunity to live in their own homes for longer.

What is citizen centric wellbeing?

Connected digital solutions enable the healthcare and welfare services of the future. Tight integration and seamless data flow create a better care chain. The administrative load diminishes, and care staff can spend more time with a citizen and his/her needs. Everyone owns his/her own data and has access to it.

Our future care system must take base in citizen centric healthcare and welfare


Optimization of skills and resources


Preventive care by prediction

Integrated care

Integrated care chains & seamless information

Secure peronal data

Secure personal data

Citizen empowerment

Citizen empowerment

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