Customer Experience Management Study

Recent study reveals the maturity of Customer Experience Management in the Nordics

Raised awareness of digital customer experience

An in-depth Customer Experience Management study was conducted on behalf of Tieto with interviews targeted at decision makers working in marketing, sales and customer service within retail, manufacturing and business-to-business service industries.

The study reveals that 94% of the companies consider CEM to be a major development area over the next three years. When comparing to our previous study in 2014, digital CEM was not even considered as part of companies' digitalization agenda. 

As many as one third of the respondents place CEM in the 1st place out of all development areas. More than half of the respondents say they have a digital customer experience (CX) strategy, vision or roadmap in their function.

CEM is becoming an increasingly important differentiating factor, yet most companies have not found ways to unlock the business value of CEM

Despite companies naming customer experience management as one of the focus areas, the maturity of customer experience management remains quite low. When presenting digital customer experience management in four stages where stage IV is the most advanced, we found out that only 13 % of the interviewees place their company in it. As many as two thirds (66 %) of the companies place themselves in the two lower maturity levels.

Stage I

24% place themselves on the lowest level of maturity 

Stage II

42% place themselves on the second lowest maturity level

Stage III

21% place their company in the Stage 3

Stage IV

13% place their company in the highest CX maturity level

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Customer Experience Management Study
Gain insights of what kind of operations Nordic companies are currently undertaking, explore the maturity levels of different functions and compare your company's current maturity level to the focus group.

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Unlock the business value with a holistic approach

The study shows that companies still measure customer experience in silos or product- or service based. The most common tool for measuring customer experience (CX) is a customer satisfaction survey. Only the minority of respondents is measuring holistically different customer journey points as the majority of the respondents are still focused on measuring function based KPI’s. A holistic approach is vital in order for a company to fully understand the customer experience journey and unlock the true business value of CX.

Top 3 Digital Customer Experience Management development areas:

  1. creating a holistic customer experience (solid in all channels)

  2. usability of online solutions

  3. understanding customer needs better


Customer data is the gateway to excellent CX


Data has become one of the most powerful tools for marketers. In order to get an insight from our customers we carried out a survey looking at how well-developed the Nordic companies are in their CEM activities. We looked at how these companies are currently positioning themselves and studied their future plans in this area.

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Customer Experience Management

Tieto aims to capture the significant opportunities of the data-driven world and turn them into lifelong value for people, business and society. Tieto's CEM business unit is experienced in e-commerce, design, integrated omni-channel marketing, customer service, analytics and customer interaction management. We believe that consistent data-driven and personalized customer experience across all channels is the most important differentiator for Nordic companies to win against global competition.