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Changing perspectives on Personnel Logistics and POB Management

Your challenge

Your challenge

Managing Personnel Logistics and Personnel on Board (POB) efficiently is a demanding, costly and at times a complex challenge for international oil and gas companies. Tieto Oil & Gas provides tools enabling our customers to accommodate such challenges smarter and more efficiently:

  • Transparent end to end personnel logistics, with simple one time only registration of personnel details
  • Validation of HSE requirements and automatic certificate expiry notification
  • Automatic scheduling of transportations and booking of rotators
  • Optimal utilisation of transportation resources 
  • Manage operational deviations by purpose of visit pre-prioritisation of passengers and cargo, use of waiting list, simple transfer to new transportation, etc
  • Accurately forecast accommodation utilisation
  • Easy accommodation check-in and check-out of personnel
  • Automate room, bed, emergency team and escape vehicle assignments
  • Cost center allocation, distribution and reporting
  • KPI visualisation and reporting

The PTS (Personnel Transportation & Tracking Solution)

Our solution

The time has come to leave spreadsheets and homemade solutions for handling Personnel Logistics and POB Management behind in order to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of your business.

The PTS is a commercial off the shelf web based solution, and has been proven 'fit for purpose' with respect to catering for the diverse and comprehensive personnel logistics and POB management requirements of global oil and gas operators onshore and offshore.

With the PTS you can efficiently manage your personnel and cargo logistics and POB in one seamlessly integrated solution recognised to facilitate:

  • Streamlined Personnel Logistics and POB & Accommodation Management
  • Collaboration, standardisation and cost optimisation
  • Full overview and control of your complete logistics cycle

The PTS can either be hosted in-house at our customers data centres, or provided as a ‘Software as a Service’ from our state of the art datacentres. It has been designed to operate very well under conditions in a challenging infrastructure with limited bandwidth capacity, and has a proven track record with respect to uptime and operation liability.

We believe that by utilising the capabilities of PTS, our customers can shift their focus towards the core business objective of efficient oil and gas exploration and production.

PTS Module Approach

The PTS consists of different modules, enabling customers to start with the core functions and later introduce value adding components

Personnel Record

Personnel Record

The PTS features a very comprehensive personnel record, accommodating registration of all relevant data for safe & secure operations, and with the possibility for customers to edit both labels and define mandatory fields. Values are entered, updated and reused at relevant stages throughout the personnel logistics supply process.





The PTS provides a high level of automation for generating both air, sea & ground  transportations based on a defined schedule and passenger bookings based on crew rota. Ad hoc transportations are easily created on the fly, be it for passenger, cargo or both.

Dispatch functions are available for rapid check-in of passengers and easy transfer to either waiting list or new transportation, printing of boarding pass and luggage tags.

POB & Accommodation

POB & Accommodation

Maintaining an accurate POB is a core functionality in the PTS. The operational characteristics of an offshore rig and an onshore camp may often require different features & functionalities, and PTS is capable of accommodating both with a high level of configurability.

Travel Request & Approval

Travel Request & Approval

The TRAM (Travel Request and Approval Module) is a self service portal (web front end to the PTS) enabling travellers to create and submit travel related requests for endorsement and approval in a workflow process with e-mail notifications.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness

The PTS ‘as is’ includes a number of tools designed to better prepare for and to mitigate emergency situations, and development of additional tools are on the road map. Among the tools readily available are electronic mustering and zone tracking software using 3rd party tracking hardware (Bluetooth, RFID, etc).







Optimization and KPI reporting

Optimization and KPI reporting


A number of tools are available for operational optimization; eliminate potential double bookings, monitor low seat utilisation, forecasting, etc


The PTS has a wide range of embedded on screen and printable operational reports, as well as a number of database views for creating reports by use of customer provided third party reporting tools.

KPI Reporting

The comprehensive data repository provides the possibility for real time dashboard visualization of selected KPI elements, as well as accommodating reporting of defined KPI data for follow-up.

Streamline and automate your personnel logistics and POB management

Key benefits

Personnel logistics and POB management are activities characterized by a huge streamlining potential which can be obtained by utilizing the opportunities PTS represent.

Global best practices

Together with our customers we have developed and established global best practices for oil and gas personnel logistics and POB management, which are reflected throughout our solutions. Our domain expertise, combined with our intimate personnel logistics operations experience achieved over the years, contribute to the recognition of being perceived as trusted advisors to our clients.

One time data entry

Our solution for personnel logistics and POB-management is based on the principle of one time data entry. This prevents our customers from performing duplicate registrations, and enables proactive, simple and reliable handling of a large and complex workforce.

Cost allocation

Cost center allocation is available throughout the application, facilitating effortless cost allocation and reporting, as well as internal and 3rd party cost distribution and invoicing. Cost centres are fully configurable, and ensures cost control throughout the full cycle logistics operations.

Interfacing with internal and 3rd party solutions

A standardized API architecture enables cost efficient integration with enterprise solutions and best of breed 3rd party applications, thus securing reuse of business critical data and reducing total cost of ownership.

Multilingual Capabilities

PTS is provided with English as the default language. However also has multi-language capabilities, and the solution supports a number of character sets - including Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic and Japanese. The users can select their preferred language setting from the available selection independent of other users’ settings.







“Previously, we had several employees on each offshore installation taking care of concierge services. By utilizing a fully integrated solution we now have a team of 19 employees working from our onshore base in Florø providing all of our 32 offshore installations with the same services” 

- Per Sivertsen, PTS and Dawinci representative at Statoil

“PTS helps us to consolidate the reliability of our information, to optimize our transports and save time on routine operations - enabling us to concentrate on our priorities. It is also a central tool in enhancing the safety and security of our operation”

- PTS-client in West Africa 

Tieto Oil & Gas Operations Support Solutions(OSS)

Who we are

We are the provider of Tieto Oil & Gas’ personnel logistics solutions. 

For close to 15 years we have been providing two globally leading operations support solutions for handling of personnel logistics:

  • DaWinci - The Norwegian North Sea industry solution (the world’s first ever of its kind)
  • PTS - The international solution operated in more than 25 countries globally

The OSS unit consist of IT experts with unique oil and gas business domain expertise and experience operating out of Houston - The US, Pune - India, Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia, with main office in Bergen - Norway. 

Our solutions are built around the following value propositions:

  • Cost sharing through industry 
  • Fully integrated – one time data entry
  • Global best practices solution
  • Optimized operations
  • Improved HSE

The solutions are in use in more than 25 countries, in literally all corners of the world, and have been selected as corporate tool by some of the world’s largest oil and gas companies. Through the years, more than 25 million passenger bookings have been made using our solutions, thus manifesting both the magnitude and the resilience of our portfolio. 

By utilizing the features and functionalities of PTS, customers are able to streamline operations, significantly reduce OPEX, and ensure HSE compliance in the process.
Changing perspectives on Personnel Logistics and POB Management

Stay one step ahead with the PTS

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