OuluHealth Tieto Hack

Congratulations to the winning teams: Zohan & HyvTek!

OuluHealth Tieto Hack

22nd & 23rd April 2016 Oulu (... suomeksi)

On April 22 – 23 Tieto and OuluHealth network arranged a hackathon that offered participants a great opportunity to develop the healthcare ecosystem, technologies and solutions. Tieto’s next generation Lifecare platform served as the development environment, with focus on Integration Services and Analytics.

OuluHealth network operates as a healthcare innovation engine in the Oulu region. From the network, City of Oulu and Oulu University Hospital joined forces with Tieto to arrange the hackathon. Oulu University Hospital’s TestLab also served as the development arena. Over time, OuluHealth and TestLab aim to provide a permanent test environment for medical equipment and information systems.


Create new products & concepts on two separate tracks:
Bring functionality on new platforms & streamline healthcare processes by using open APIs
Predict and analyze health information & build dashboards using anonymized data from both Lifecare and #6Aika Open Data

Download the event & challenge details here.

Now the time has come for Oulu to step up the game!


Team HyvTek from Oulu University of Applied Sciences came through as the winner of the Integrations stream, with their innovative Snapchat-based solution that makes it easy for patients to get in touch with the healthcare professionals. Team Zohan, consisting of students from the University of Oulu, was selected as the winner of the Analytics stream. Zohan presented a concept by which machine learning is used to predict healthcare resource needs.


Team HyvTek: Tuomas Leiviskä (left), Lauri Aitta, Mika Schroderus, Antti Jaara

Jury found the winning ideas responding well to the key criteria of the competition: having patient in the centre, demonstrating innovativeness as well as interesting use of data and Lifecare system’s certified open interfaces. In team HyvTek’s solution the person seeking for treatment takes a photo of his injury with mobile phone and sends it with immediate effect respective healthcare where professionals use the photo to conclude the nature of the injury and provide the patient with homecare advice, prescription of basic medication or a doctor’s appointment, for example. Team Zohan used it 24 hours to tackle a clear challenge that is core to healthcare: predicting resource needs. In their concept, Zohan managed to demonstrate smart use of machine learning algorithms as response to the challenge.

Team Zohan
Team Zohan: Aleksei Tiulpin, Pekka Nyrönen, Iman Alikhani, Zalan Rajna



Sami J P Heikkinen, Lead Software Architect, Tieto Healthcare & Welfare


Mari Koskinen, Specialist, EU Business Funds, BusinessOulu

Timo Alalääkkölä, Project Manager, Oulu University Hospital

Katri Korpela, Project Manager, City of Oulu, Information Management


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