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Insurance-in-a-Box [iiB]

The need

Fast and agile are not the first words that come to mind when thinking of the insurance industry. Launching new products to the market and implementing new ideas take forever for several reasons. The industry’s compliance and regulatory needs combined with multiple old legacy systems slow business innovations down. On one hand, there is immense pressure to be more efficient in both business and IT. And on the other hand, technology and distribution disruptions challenge the existing business models altogether. The expectation for growth is faced by stagnated Assets Under Management (AUMs), and the insurance companies are trying to entice the same group of consumers with only one real tool at hand – price.  So, what to do with this information?

The Solution

Life and Pension (New)

In less than 100 days, we will be able to help insurers kick-start their digital start-up journey in the Life & Pension business line. The solution enables risk mitigated transformation and modernisation journey. It's innately disruptive nature empowers insurers to use it as a lab platform for Try-fast & Fail-fast innovation agenda.


General Insurance

Digital start-up tool-kit for P&C business lines to launch new business and products in less than 2 months. A modular approach to overcome the legacy limitations and leverage the disruptive power of tech and distribution changes. 

Advantages of Insurance-in-a-Box [iiB]



< 100 days for Life & Pension
< 2 months for Property & Casualty



of Partners SaaS-fied, full-stack partners solutions



New Markets, Higher ROI, Lower Costs
Goal-based savings component

Digital Self-Service


Channel independent / white label 
Granular insurance & Wealth management tool

Innately Disruptive

Innately Disruptive

Latest technology and distribution accelerators



Pay as you use modular solution
Plug-in : Plug-out



    Platform + ecosystem enabling digital insurance startup 

    API management, Integration & Automation; Customizable user-engagement layer; Block-chain for Peer-2-Peer claim handling; 360 degree document handling and archiving.



    Ortec Finance provides financial institutions across the world with technology and solutions for risk and return management



    Adinsure is one of the leading policy admin system in the insurance industry with strong life and pension suite


    Insicon i2i is a flexible end-to-end non-life software solution for the insurance business that is designed for the future, but ready to be used today.



    Ikione supports the Insurance-in-a-Box platform with flexible, scalable & white-labelable digital channels. iiB also uses i1Fit our comprehensive wellness platform.



    Verifone is one of the world’s largest POS terminal vendors and a leading provider of payment and commerce solutions, which operates in more than 150 countries.


    Signicat is the largest Digital Identity Hub in the world, offering the only complete identity platform in the market and trusted to reduce the burden of compliance in highly regulated markets.



    Futusome search tool helps insurance investigators handle suspicious claims using classified ads data.



    Safer driving, powered by your smartphone.



    Giosg offers solutions for managing customer interaction using online chat, chatbot and other solutions helping bridge the desire-buy gap.



    FRISS supports honest insurance. Insurers around the globe detect risk, eliminate fraud and secure compliance with their ready-to-use business solutions.




    Escali Financial Systems offer portfolio management and Solvency II reporting solutions for insurance companies.



    Kidbrooke Advisory - democratising risk management




    Eyeonid Group AB provides digital proactive monitoring services of PII (Personal Identified Information) to minimize the risk of ID-theft as part of an insurance offering with white-labeling possibility.

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    A digital startup toolkit designed to enable insurers to embrace the latest technology trends for rapid go-to-market and growth. The new accelerators facilitate the Life & Pension line-of-business go live in less than 100 days. The Property & Casualty business can reinvent itself in less than two months.

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