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Tieto Energized Workspace for your business renewal

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What’s great for your people is great for your business. It all comes down to end-user satisfaction. A digital workplace with one identity to access all, in a unique experience for you. All services combined in one modular solution. Be a part of Tieto Energized Workspace eco-system, like many large companies in the Nordics. 


The benefits of being workplace mature

Workplace mature

Workplace services are widely used by large Nordic organizations today, but per a new study that Radar has conducted on behalf of Tieto, many of them aren’t as workplace mature as they might think. In general, workplace mature organizations have a significantly higher business outcome than their peers. 

As an example, Workplace mature organization experience 12% lower cost for user-centric IT. 

Read our report do understand what workplace mature organizations do, how they do it and the business outcome that follows.

The demands of your future workforce will change


Today we all expect to experience customization, personalization, self-service and an IT environment that enables us to evolve ourselves and our business. The new generation already takes advantage of these digital capabilities.

For the business it is key to support the complex and fast moving work environment, to enhance the employee engagement and business success.

What’s great for people is great for business

Employees who are happy are able to solve problems better, cope with stress more easily, and even think more creatively. Effective employees who are motivated and engaged, are likely to complete more tasks, add more value through new ideas, and influence the company culture in a positive way.

It means freedom for people to work at the right place, at the right time, focusing on the business goals while working in teams. It increases productivity, creativity, and provides more real value to your business.

Tieto to provide City of Stockholm with next generation IT

Tieto to provide City of Stockholm with next generation IT

Tieto digitalizes Haninge municipality - modern workstations

Tieto digitalizes Haninge municipality - modern workstations

Tieto leader in creating customer value - 2017

Tieto leader in creating customer value

It’s all about End-User Satisfaction

Why should the user experience of corporate IT services be any less functional or appealing than the IT services you use in your private life? Providing users with user experience that is both functional and enjoyable have effects on both end-user satisfaction and productivity.



Imagine it’s all taken care of before you even start, so by the day you enter the office, you simply log in to access the right applications directly from your right sized computer already situated at your work desk.



From a tablet or mobile phone you can easily consume information. You still feel comfortable since there are the same applications you use in the office. When you have trust in your applications and tools, you can remain focused instead of worrying about accessibility and settings.



Via your one corporate ID you automatically get access to information and memberships to the right virtual teams based on your profile. 

Micro Tasking

Micro Tasking

When we get notices from our tools, like emails, texts and other updates, we tend to lose focus on what we are doing. It actuality takes up to almost 30 minutes until you are fully back in the flow. With a Smartwatch you recieve a notice, choose and click your response which allow you to immediately be back on track!

Built for a modern way of working

Tieto’s Energized Workspace services enable new and efficient ways of agile work-methods that increase the collaboration between colleagues and improves productivity. And by allowing flexible ways to safely access work – you will see results in the overall user satisfaction. Why should the user experience of corporate IT services be any less functional or appealing than the IT services you use in your private life?


Focus on the individual employees by allowing them to use the  technologies they want, need and are familiar with, to create a workplace in tune with their private experience.


Consumerization of IT is driven by employees who buy their own devices, use their own personal online service accounts, install their own applications and then connect the device to the corporate network.


Enterprise social networks strengthen the relationships among people who share business interests and/or activities to help the workforce to understand what their colleagues do.


Digitalizing the way we interact with the end-user is a precondition for automating the underlying service processes, allowing a service delivery in a more efficient way with better quality.

Modular solution with global scalability

Tieto’s modular service system, based on standardized and flexible components, gives your business the opportunity to evolve over time. The services are seamlessly integrated providing a user friendly experience between different workspace ecosystems.

The building blocks make it easy to implement changes, and the architecture is ready for new integrations. A global service delivery that is customized for your needs, but at the same time made out of standardized components ensuring both optimized cost efficiency and reliability.


User Centric Experience


We will provide you and your users a User Centric Experience. Everything is there to support the individual today and tomorrow. We set up a simplified end-user environment where the focus is to provide the users with a toolset familiar to them. Enjoy!

Social Collaboration


Social Collaboration services boost your teams and are built on a multilayered design with hybrid capabilities. We build our collaboration services around Microsoft O365 and Google Suit Eco systems. The design provides the possibility to integrate other cloud or private collaborating tools.

Digital Office

Digital office

Digital Office is the activity based office that supports all these situations and more. When you need to focus their is setting for that. If you want to be creative you might like an open space where it's possible to paint out ideas and collaborate openly with people onsite or via virtual collaboration.

Energized workspace includes proactive problem solving

TIETO VITAL is a proactive support system that uses data to monitor the health status of individual devices. This lets us detect and solve service problems before it affects the end-user, which results in better availability and improves the user experience.

Join the Energized Workspace Eco-system


We share the benefits of our long-time partnerships with our customers and world-leading partners. In combination with offshoring, this ensures cost efficiency and standardized quality. But most importantly we are committed to business renewal, and we invest in our people, processes and service development. This makes us a long-term service partner, that is devoted to create positive change.

Value for people

Value for people

Work wherever
When you offer the right tools at the right time your employees can complete their work no matter their location. 

Work life balance
Giving the employees the flexibility they need to work at their most efficient time and place, leads to reduced frustration and
a better work-life balance.

Enjoy whenever
When you let employees find the information they need in a quick and effective way you improve the end-user experience. 

Flexible workplace
When you let your employees find the information they need in a quick and effective way,
you improve the end-user experience.

Value for business

Value for business

Stronger brand 
When you develop a brand that stands for exceptional work environments, you become an attractive employer for new talent and high retention. 

Productivity and flexibility
Providing tools that let employees execute business processes in easy and accessible ways will raise both productivity and efficiency, while improving the overall flexibility and end-user experience. 

Fostering a two-way communication will drive discussions, improve your employee collaboration, and build communities of interest that enhance innovation. 

Reduced costs
When you introduce effective ways to meet virtually through services with a fixed cost per user, you cut travel- and telecommunication costs, get a better view over your monthly spending, and eliminate wasted time at airports.

Value for society

Value for society

Time management
A flexible workplace gives employees increased control over their own time. Meaning that their work-life balance improves by having the possibility to better coordinate two parts of life. 

Health benefits
Giving employees better control over their own time reduce both stress and frustration. Results in health benefits that help employees avoid sick leaves and time away from work. 

Environmentally friendly
Digital solutions that enables employees to work from home contributes to a busniess world with less travels, less traffic and reduced emissions. 

Improved collaboration
Technology that lets employees conduct meetings without travels connects different talents within your company in ways that rewards productivity, cuts unnecessary down-time and is cost efficient.


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