Tieto Digital Content Platform for Engineering

Break information silos and take total control over your engineering content

Take total control over your engineering information.

Information – and putting it into use – is the lifeblood of engineering. Modern engineering businesses rely on the exponentially increasing volume of information, which needs to be correct and up to date at all times and readily available for all parties that need it for their work.

At the same time, engineering businesses are struggling with aggressive timelines, budget constraints and increased external collaboration requirements.


Information resides in disconnected silos, making people spend as much as 20% of their working time just to find the correct information. Nobody can be sure where the latest and valid version of the information is located, resulting in employees often recreating information that already exists, leading to severe version management problems.

This disarray of information always leads to high IT costs in attempt to manage the information chaos. This is where our solution comes into play.

Break the information silos.

Tieto Digital Content Platform for Engineering is a content management solution compliant with different industry standards and designed to pave a fast track for engineering modernization.

The platform consists of a core Alfresco platform and Tieto-developed additional components, providing all needed functionalities for all engineering processes from early planning to construction to handover and operations & maintenance.

By using a Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation and deployment model and leveraging cloud offerings, as well as containing a set of carefully chosen, pre-integrated partner solutions, the platform deployment is fast off the block. Integration and automation capabilities enable fully automated processes and all functionalities can be exposed to the external world via easy-to-use APIs.


Our platform will enable


Seamless flow

Seamless flow of information across engineering processes


Information always available and up-to-date for internal and external stakeholders


Collaboration on content across roles, systems, sites and companies


Security, standards and compliance


Archiving and retention services


New functionalities as needed, such as mobility

Key features

Document Management

Document Management

Full, role-based access to all your engineering documents and features needed to manage your documents including version control, workflows, audit trail, scanning and document creation from templates.

Smart Folders

Smart Folders

Instantly access the information you need by categorizing documents and other objects into different views based on metadata and other criteria.


CAD Integration

Preview your CAD drawings and their external references. Users can open and save files directly from the drawing tool.


Collaborate with internals and externals

Create department, project or team sites and invite other users and collaborate. In addition, select documents and folders to be shared with externals, such as subcontractors, for easy and secure external collaboration.

Revision Management

Revision Management

Manage changes of complex document structures and track content history with our powerful revision control which supports master documents with supporting files.

Transmittal Management

Transmittal Management

Create document packages linking documents from various locations into a document package. This document package can be transferred to another user and/or moved to another location.

Digital Signature

Digital Signature

Sign contracts and other documents completely digitally within our solution, powered by seamless and easy-to-use third-party technology.



Easily annotate with Post-its, text highlights and stamps directly in the document itself. Print with or without annotations.



For the visual identification of information, such as documents, it is equally important that documents being printed, downloaded, or viewed from within the system are identifiable by their stamped metadata at all times.



Facilitate task management with out-of-the-box workflows with easy-to-use, open and powerful functionality.

Bulk Load Tool

Bulk Load Tool

Effortlessly export and import large volumes of content, such as documents and drawings, using our Bulk Load Tool.

Mobile access

Mobile Access

Download the free Mobile app for iOS or Android to access all of your content and tasks on the go. Or simply use the mobile browser to access your solution.

Easily integrated.

Tieto Digital Content Platform for Engineering integrates seamlessly into other enterprise systems and applications. Being content format agnostic, it enables retrieving information across what previously were in disconnected silos, unlocking the true value of the information at hand.

Our solution has an open source core and fully embraces open standards, making it easy to integrate and customize for specific customer needs.

  • Unmatched support for open standards, including CMIS, CIFS and WebDAV
  • REST API for simple, easily maintained customization and process automation
  • Easily opened at every level, including the repository, web interface, cloud and mobile apps
Google Docs
Google Drive
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Outlook

Effortlessly extended.

In addition, a wide range of technology partners makes it easy to extend the platform’s core functionality to address various business challenges. Select technology partners include:


Scanning & Smart Capture

Intelligently extract meaning from unstructured content and automate document processing.


Web Content Management

Create better websites and digital experiences with advanced web content management capabilities that take full advantage of our platform.


Integration Across Systems

Integrate multiple sources of structured or unstructured content so that data can be migrated, synchronized, indexed, managed or scanned centrally


Sophisticated Search

Our platform's search engine is powered by Solr, so you can take advantage of the Solr extensible plugins architecture.

We are helping our customer to build a world that runs on renewable energy.

In 2017, Tieto helped transforming the content-centric workflows in one of the largest energy companies in the Nordics. When constructing new windfarms, our customer is using our solution to take care of the business critical content, to make sure that wind farms are operational in time and will continue being so during the 25-year-long lifetime.

The customer was looking for a robust IT system that would allow its employees to create and manage documents and drawings, store and retrieve records, and control the exchange of information with third parties, whether they are sub-suppliers, partners, or government officials.

The system enables transparency, ensures confidentiality and maintains traceability throughout a document’s lifecycle. Furthermore, the system automates workflows; including creation, review, versioning and archiving of documents and records in projects and supports the transfer to operating entity, including 25 years of review during operating and maintaining the assets.

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