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Digitalization of receipts can bring huge savings
Digitalization of receipts can bring huge savings

The savings potential for discontinuing the use of paper invoices and receipts alone is in billions of euros in Finland. The Financial management framework network proposes that all the receipts in circulation in Finland be digitalized.

Preem extending use of e-invoicing services
Preem extending use of e-invoicing services

The increased use of e-invoices is expected to save Preem 1,1 million SEK over a 25-month period and further boosts the company’s environmental efforts by decreasing the use of paper.

Forest Hub ecosystem wood and fibre supply
Forest Hub ecosystem wood and fibre supply

Tieto´s new Forest Hub ecosystem platform helps wood supply business partners in their operational data transfer regarding wood logistics and mill reception processes.

E-trade solutions from Tieto
Centralize, simplify and expand your business interactions

Deploy centralized and easily expandable e-trade services for business interactions with your partners. Our services help you improve customer interaction, speed up deliveries and free resources to your core business.

Digitize and exchange your business documents

Digitize your orders, delivery information, warehouse management, as well as consumption and delivery forecasts. Our customers are international and global companies from different industries, such as industrial manufacturing and services, logistics and trade.

Integrate services for your business information

The services are developed in a way that allows the same practices and infrastructure to be used in all business information exchange services, such as e-invoicing and financial messaging. Using the same logic of digitalization means that services can be integrated better and more easily.

Need of more unique solution

We will go an extra mile to understand your business and circumstances to meet your specific needs  - contact us to have an offer for a B2B integration solution which is tailored for your organisation.,

E-invoicing services

Electronic invoicing is turning to be de-facto mean for business-to-business or business-to-authority invoicing. This change is strongly driven by the EU regulations that makes receipt of electronic invoices mandatory for public sector. Many countries have responded to this mandatory receipt capability by demanding all their purchase invoices in electronic format.

EU have also ordered European standard development for e-invoice contents. One can expect that this kind of regulation and contents harmonization will be real gearing factor for e-invoicing in Europe.

Well prepared for the e-invoicing development. Active contribution in European standardization work means that our services are compliant with new standard. One of the widest interoperability networks with other service providers complimented by PEPPOL infrastructure access point gives our customers one of the best reach with their trading partners.

Our e-invoicing service portfolio include solutions for high-capacity file-transfer based integration with lite and easy-to-use web applications.  We offer true cloud services without need for licensees or on-site hardware. We ensure high availability and secure environment for our customers’ valuable data. Automated monitoring and experienced support resolves quickly any disturbances.,,

 Case-  how to get rid of paper receipts

Bank connectivity
Bank connectivity

Simple access to  your financial counterparties

Reliable, secure connections to financial counterparties are vital for organization in any industry.

Our services enables organizations to centralize their financial counterparty connectivity into cloud based service. By connecting once you can reach your counterparties without investing into multiple solutions or technical competence.

We offer:

  • Direct connections to selected banks and other financial counterparties in the Nordics 
  • SWIFT Service Bureau for global connectivity

BIX for Energy
Business information exchange for energy

BIX services connect the business processes of Nordic energy companies with information flows of their business partners in the energy market.

Today´s business requires solutions that can handle all integration - internal and external. Our integration offering includes both cloud and on-premise services especially built for energy companies. Services are designed to meet the industry specific requiremets related to service levels, security and real-time information.

Our service offering includes:

  • Solutions for A2A integration
  • Energy specific flows: EDIEL, eSett
  • API solutions for NordPool and SVK and Nordic HUB:s in operation
  • Cross market invoice delivery services: B2C and B2B e-invoicing,  e-mail and paper invoices
  • Bank connectivity: Nordic banks, giro companies and SWIFT service bureau

Industry hubs

Forest Hub™

Our solution provides Customers an ecosystem for digital collaboration and transparency in wood logistics and mill reception processes

Forest Hub 2017

Who can join?
All wood supply business partners, from large forest industry companies to medium size and small actors.,

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