Tieto's Nordic AI Survey

We surveyed 3 659 people in Sweden, Norway and Finland to gauge the general public's views on the development and use of AI in different areas.

AI through the eyes of the Nordic consumers

The development of artificial intelligence (AI) is advancing at a rapid pace, and Nordic consumers believe that the increased use of AI benefits most industries. The manufacturing industry is expected to profit the most from the increasing use of AI. When it comes to healthcare, people in the Nordics are much more sceptical. This and much more gets revealed in Tieto's new Nordic survey that shows how the general public in Sweden, Finland and Norway see the development and use of AI in different occupations and industries.

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Industries and roles expected to benefit from increased use of AI

Christian Guttmann
Christian Guttmann

AI has the potential to revolutionise the healthcare sector, and we have only scratched the surface of the opportunities that await. Despite the many benefits, the scepticism seems to be linked to a fear of losing human validation and contact.



Roles better done by humans and AI

Roles equally or better done by AI:

  • 64% thinks AI would do just as good or better as accountants
  • 58% thinks AI would do just as good or better as bank clerks & financial advisors
  • 54% thinks AI would do just as good or better as politicians

Roles better done by humans:

  • 67% thinks humans outperform AI as nurses
  • 60% thinks humans outperforms AI as doctors
  • 58% thinks humans outperform AI as teachers

Industries expected to be better with increased use of AI

Top 3 industries to benefit from utilizing AI more

  • Industry and manufacturing
  • Postal and delivery services
  • Accounting and banking & finance

Bottom 3 industries to benefit from utilizing AI more

  • Healthcare
  • School and education
  • Media and journalism

AI in healthcare – why are people sceptical?

People do not always trust the use of AI in the health sector - even though this is one of the most advanced areas in society when it comes to the development and usage of AI.

The general public still wants human interaction and verification when making an AI-based diagnose.

However, a majority of people are positive when it comes to letting an AI speed up research and enabling predictive care.

AI in banking – what do people like AI to solve?

Every third would like to handle all tasks by them self or with the help of a human, while 58% would trust an AI to solve simple and sometimes more complex matters.

Security, simplicity and speed are the main drivers when allowing an AI to handle financial matters.

Top 5 things people in the Nordics
would like to solve with help of AI:

  1. Detect frauds and security breaches   55%
  2. Check and pay my bills automatically   39%
  3. Process credit card applications   31%
  4. Process loan negotiations/applications   25%
  5. Advice on how to invest my money   23%

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About the survey

We surveyed 3 659 men and women, 18 years and older, in Sweden, Norway and Finland to gauge the general public view on the development and implementation of AI in different areas. The survey was conducted by the YouGov analysis institute during the period of 10-12 of April 2019.